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a critical game

January 4th, 2010

its hard to believe that only 1 game into the WAC season, game number 2 becomes maybe the most important game of the year. After losing to Idaho Saturday night, tonight's game against Boise looms very large. A loss tonight would mean an 0-2 start at home, and very possibility a fight to avoid missing the tournament in March as the 9th place team stays home.

The Idaho loss is not hard to explain. Once again, the Bows played only one half of basketball. Missed free throws and the continuing problem in making baskets doomed the team to a loss. Williams is either feast or famine, and he was famine Saturday night missing all ten of his field goals. And once again, Flemings looked nothing like a preseason all WAC player. Add to these problems the inability to defend the three, and the fact that it is now obvious to anyone that the Bows only have 2 guards ( sorry jeremy lay),and that even with the continuing solid play of Campbell and Thompson, this team cannot win if it doesn't get good performances from all of its starters. Not to mention that Petras had no points and 1 rebound in his limited minutes on Saturday.

You cannot shoot 43 percent from the field after 14 games, 13 of which are at home, and expect to win, even with good defense.What is going to happen to this percentage when you go on the road?  It could get very ugly.

Boise comes in after having lost at Fresno, my pick for 8th place. They lost in the last minute and will come in here tonight looking to even their WAC record.  But they can afford to lose a road game. UH cannot afford another home loss. Some " media" types are now questioning the desire of this team to win and the lack of effort of several of the players. I am not yet ready to go down that road, but tonight will tell us all what heart this team has. Boise has won here before, in fact its won the last 2 meetings.  But if the Bows have any hope of competing in the WAC, it has to win tonight.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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  1. griz:

    Jeff - why are you always so focused on the WAC tournament. You speak as if it is the ONLY thing that matters for a successful season. The WAC tournament is obviously the only shot at NCAA for this team but how about the NIT which could come if somehow this team manages a miraculous turnaround? How about just - a winning season? Don't those things matter?

    I for one am looking for an excuse to go to the WAC tournament this year but the prospect of a single game and out is not going to help.

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