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another difficult road trip

January 30th, 2010

what can you say aout a 23 point blow out at San Jose. you can say that the Spartans are pretty darn go od, better than they have been in years.  You can say that they have one of the best guards in the league in Oliver. You can say that HAWAII was lucky to beat them at the buzzer two weeks ago at home. Or you could say that the Bows are a poor road team, struggling to finish the season with a winning record and avoid the heartbreak of missing the WAC tournament. and now its on the Reno where Hawaii has never beaten Nevada.

things are not breaking out well for Hawaii. Boise beats Idaho and Idaho beats Fresno, so Hawaii is  now tied with Idaho for 7th, loses the tiebreaker to Idaho, and has to still play there, and the Bows have are a game up on Boise but has to play there as well. Next sat, Fresno comes into the arena and that game may be the only game left where hawaii may be favored.

i am in NorthCarolina next week and will be at the UNC-Virgina game and Georgia Tech-Duke games. Are there many better places to watch basketball than the Smith Center or Cameron Indoor Stadium. i doubt it. And one of the things that make them great are the hundreds of students who pack the sidelines at Duke and the Arena at Carolina. Sorry folks, but the student support for our team is a disgrace. Dispite the loyalty of our nonstudent fans, you dont have a bigtime college program without student support. and do you think that recruits who watch games all over the country and see the student support at places like Utah State compared to UH, dont consider that in deciding where to play. You know its a big factor.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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  1. not students fault:

    you can't blame UH students for their non-support of the team. take a look at where the students sit at UNC or Duke. they are on the court, in prime seats, able to support the team and influence the score. where are UH students? behind the backboard with the band. put them in the sideline seats and they will come. what of the season ticketholders sitting there? push them back or move them to the end lines. all they do is sit on their hands and leave early. is that loyalty? is that support? if they are loyal and supportive of the team, they will move for the sake of the team's success. moving the students to the court will create a huge home court advantage. were you at the general admission game that we had late at night earlier in the season? it was mostly students and even though it was a small crowd, it was louder than any game we've had this year.

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