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are you kidding me

October 29th, 2010

 seems very likely that the WAC will invite four schools within the next few days or weeks. They are Denver,  Texas State, Seattle, and Texas-San Antonio. Montana is still under consideration. What a powerful basketball conference the new WAC will be. Its a joke. Hawaii needs to get out and get out fast. The Big West is the only place to go if UH has any dream of being a first rate basketball program. When was the last time any of these teams was in the tournament. Not sure, but my guess is never and never will be.

speaking of jokes, how about the 1.2 million Binghamton University has agreed to pay its fired former basketball coach to settle a discrimination lawsuit. Kevin Broadus was accussed of by an academic whistleblower of several issues, including allowing one of his players to take 16 hours of gym. There were several allegations of recruiting violations, and one player was arrested for selling crack. The NCAA " cleared" him of major violations, but only because involved parties refused to cooperate. Another example of what is wrong with college basketball. That program is a mess and they reward the coach with a huge settlement.

Also, the NCAA decided to continue to study its proposed ban on summer recruting. You can be sure the street agents and AAU coaches are not going to give up very easily. Its just a matter of time before a major scandal will rock this sport, and it will be no one's fault but the coaches and administrators who continue to look the other way. With all the money out there, its no surprise

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from somewhere between thailand and singapore

October 27th, 2010

may have found a possible new recruit, but not sure of SAT scores. He is a two year old elephant who can dunk. a little slow, but that trunk really helps. Watched him yesterday in a show, and tried to talk to his AAU coach who asked for peanuts and bananas before he would let me talk to his player. Gib, get on this asap.

The coaching staff put on Basketball 103 for boosters this week. Nice program. The Boosters watched practice and heard from the staff about recruiting philosophy and season update. the players then went to meet the boosters and thanked the m for their support. A nice touch.

Arnold told the boosters that since school began, the players have a perfect attendance record. Hope this lasts. Also it appears that fundraising is going well,  and some additional resources are making their way into the program.

on the national front, watch out for the big ten.  Mich st, ohio state, purdue lead a loaded conference. also the ACC has two top ten teams, and the big east is loaded as always. Not good news coming out of Diamond Classic participant, Baylor.  Looks like big trouble in Waco which is hard to believe after all that happened there under Dave Bliss.

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the polls

October 22nd, 2010

no surprise, Duke is a near unanimous preseason number 1 in the coaches poll receiving 29 of 31 votes.  Mich State got the other two first place votes and is number 2 . Of interest to fans here, Jamie Dixon"s Pittsburgh squad is 4th. Of interest to me  is North Carolina, who had a terrible last year, but a great recruiting class, is 9th.

The bible of preseason basketball magazines, Blue Ribbon, is out. Unlike some of the other preseason magazines, it picks Hawaii to finish 6th ahead of La Tech, Boise, and Idaho. Since the WAC portion was written, in part, by Star-Advertiser Sports Editor, Paul Arnett, there may some bias there, but good bias( i told you i had picked UH 7th).

Blue Ribbon ranks each team's Back court, Frontcourt, Bench/Depth, and " Intangibles ( coaching, etc). Hawaii's Back court and Front court received a B+, the bench a B-, and Intangibles a B+. Pretty good grades over all.

They really like the recruits, especially Salter and Barnes, but focus on Vander Joaquim, who they say was a top 100 recruit out of high school and may be , in their words, the first  legitimate big man since Bob Nash ( who?). The other frontcourt recruits, Wiseman, Thomas, and Brumfield, also received good ink

I will be traveling for the next three weeks, and will actually miss broadcasting the first three games. Therefore, the blog may be a little " out of touch", but i will try to stay current thru emails, etc and will continue to blog when i can.

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the votes are in

October 20th, 2010

the WAC Media and Coaches polls are in. UH has been picked in both polls to finish last ( no tournament). and no Bow made either the first or second all conference team.

Both the Media and the Coaches picked Utah State to win the conference, with New Mexico State and Nevada next in line. The bottom three in both polls are La Tech, Idaho and Hawaii.  Boise,  Fresno, and San Jose are in the middle, although in slightly different order.

the common names on the preseason all-WAC first team are Gillenwater and McKines from Mexico State; Oliver from San Jose;and Smith and Wesley from Utah State.  Oliver has been selected as the preseason player of the year by the media; Wesley by the coaches. On the Coaches preseason second team ( the media only picks all WAC first team) are three Utah State players, which means Utah State's entire starting five are picked either first or second team.

I picked Hawaii to finish 7th and selected Bill Amis as all WAC ( yes, a little bit of hometown voting there). i picked Oliver as player of the year. I also picked the first three teams in order as selected by the media and coaches.

so where does that leave UH. Well both the media and the coaches picked the warriors to finish 5 or 6th and right now they both look foolish. I don't the basketball team will finish much higher than 7th, but its only important not to finish last. I don't think the fans or administration will be happy if we miss the WAC tournament two years in a row, but its not outside the realm of possibility.

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what did we learn at not quite midnight ohana

October 18th, 2010

1. the women's team sure can dance.

2. the men look good with their shirts off

3. The haka should be performed by players, not coaches, and then only with professional dancers out front

4. To have a celebrity game, you need celebrities. And not just 3 or 4, a whole team. No Dog Chapman, no Duke Aiona, no Mufi, all of whom were no-shows

5. get rid of the celebrity game. Have the team scrimmage. At least the fans will get a peak at what the team looks like on the floor.

6. Although some of the non basketball events were fun, the men didn't hit the court until after 10:30. Looking at the number of folks who left before then, skip alot of the non basketball activities

7.Coach Arnold and his staff have enthusiasm and were not afraid of "putting it all out there". The " costumes" were well received by the fans and Gib's remarks to the crowd showed a little bit of why he is such a good recruiter.

8. its time to get down to reality. Practices have begun, in fact, the team had a full work up hours before the event. They have only three weeks before the first exhibition, and with almost an entire new team , they need all the practice the NCAA allows.

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the new era begins

October 15th, 2010

tonight is the night all college basketball have been waiting for, and its more special this year as the fans get their first view of the new coaching staff and the players.

let me give you my early thoughts on the new guys as i hope you know about hiram , doug Kurtz, and bill amis.  Although bill sat out last year, should also be a known commodity.

bobby miles: a 6-1 PG freshman out of LA.  Possible redshirt  .

Zane Johnson: 6-6  jr." "2" guard.  Arizonaa transfer who practiced with the team last year.  good outside shooter. Shot almost 40% from behind the arc in 13 starts for Arizona

Bo Barnes: 6-4 freshman guard. catch and shoot player. backcourt depth

Domininck Brumfield:6-8 soph  forward. good potential. raw talent

jordan coleman:6-4 fresh guard. good athlete. will get into the guard rotation

vander joaquim:6-10 soph center. not a scorer inside. key reserve

anthony salter:5-11 jr guard. quick. expect him to challenge hiram at the point

josten thomas:6/7 so g/f. led his JC in scoring and rebounding. key frontcourt recruit

trevor wiseman: 6/7 fresh forward. a question mark on and off the court

An early guess, and that's all it is,

 on the starting five come next month; salter, thonpson, johnson, thomas, and amis. Joquain key frontcourt reserve.

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I'm Back

October 12th, 2010

Glad to report that the basketball blog is back for another year. And what a year it will be. A new coaching staff, lots of new players, what may be the last year of the WAC as we know it, and much excitement as we begin the Gib Arnold era.

So much has happened since the end of last season its hard to get it all in the initial blog. This Friday is the official start of practice and the 9:30 " midnight ohana" promises to be great fun.

i have been to a few " informal" practices. Here are my early impressions

First, temper your expectations. With a team that finished last, a new staff, only two " starters returning", and a new system, its going to take a year or two before i believe UH will be competitive. That doesn't mean we wont see exciting basketball and some improvement, but fans are just going to have to be patient.

There is raw talent on this team, but its young and inexperienced. There is no true " go to guy", and the guards are undersized. Gib will eventually want a team that  loves transition, but this team doesn't have all the pieces to run and press. There is no true " breakdown guy" who can hit that jumper or drive to the hoop at the end of the shot clock with confidence( at least not yet).

On the other hand, the coaches are thrilled with the attitude of the team. Amis is back, and i think he has a chance to be all WAC first team.  Hiram returns from yet another injury( hernia surgery), and needs to round into shape. Some of the new guys are showing good basketball skills, and Kurtz is more mobile having lost 15 pounds.

The WAC, outside of Utah State , is much weaker than last year. Most of the  really good players either graduated or came out early. Although several teams had good recruiting years, including the BOWS,  many of the teams have few returning starters. My preseason ballot has Utah State first, with nobody close. Then the most athletic team, New Mexico State, Boise, Nevada, San Jose, Fresno, then Hawaii, Idaho and La Tech.

Looking forward to Friday night. Hope you can all make it. And buy those season tickets. This team may struggle this year, but with recruiting already well underway and the number of freshman and transfers on this years team, those season tickets will soon be alot harder to get

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