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an ugly win

November 25th, 2010

well, lets start with the good news. The Bows san their record to a perfect 5-o, but it took the right opponent to get there. Ark Pine Bluff came in 0-4, having lost their games by an average of 30 points. They had been blown out by each opponent, but weds night they actually let at halftime before eventually losing by 7.

The Bows played poorly for most of the night, obviously missing Bill Amis big-time. The outside shooting was missing in action until the second half, and if not for the play of Thomas and Joaquim's 16 rebounds this would have been a loss to remember.

now it gets harder, much harder. The team leaves for a 2 game road trip to  Cal Poly and BYU ( that game will be played in Salt Lake). Cal Poly came into Arena last year in a bracket buster game and beat UH easily. And BYU is a top 20 team. Dont be shocked if the Bows come home 5-2.

The good news is that the two games after that are against HPU and Chicago State, and UH should go into the Classic with a 7-2 record, hoping that Amis will be back ( dont count on it).

My weekly radio show devoted to college basketball, co-hosted by Jackson Wheeler, begins next thurs night after wahine basketball at 7pm on ESPN 1420. It will be fun, and i hope you all can be a part of it. Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks that the team is 5-0.

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oh no

November 24th, 2010

if there was one player UH could not afford to lose, it w23as Bill Amis. As I stated in prior blogs, this team lacks talent and depth upfront, and the loss of Bil is a real problem for this team for the next month ( let's hope its only a month).  It's even more of a shame when you consider how hard Bill has worked to rejoin the team after his medical red shirt year. And with the other guy the team cant afford to lose,  Hiram Thompson,  banged up,  the depth of this team will be severely challenged over the next several games.

Bill's absence shouldn't make much difference tonight. Ark Pine Bluff is road fodder, but the two games after that on the road will pose a real challenge, particularly the game in Salt Lake against BYU. The team then comes back for two easy games before a difficult Diamond Head Classic.

Spent yesterday in Maui. Some observations. One, The tenth best team in the Big East, at least according to the media preseason's predictions, beat the number two team in the nation. UConn's win over Mich State was a shocker at first glance, but when you have a guard like UConn's Kemba Walker, anything is possible.

Kentucky beat Washington in a sloppy game. Bad officiating didnt help. Twice, the officials  missed obvious intentional fouls, and after protests by the coaches, they went to the monitor and called the fouls. Kentucky is young, and lots of one on one play, but they have great talent.

And is there a better place to watch a big-time basketball game than the Lahaina Civiv Center. That place was rocking with 2400 hundred fans a few feet from the court. I guess Cameron at Duke rivals that.

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some observations from fri night

November 21st, 2010

well, i finally got to see the BOWS play, and had the chance to call my first game of the year. The game was essentially a blow-out, but it was never completely in hand. The team played 20 minutes of inspired basketball, and 20 minutes of oops basketball. You will not win many games with 23 turnovers, but part of that was the press of Central Arkansas and part was Hiram sitting out most of the second half.

The team struggled somewhat with the press, but once it was broken scored fairly easily. There are clearly two zone busters on the team in Barnes and Johnson, and some depth at the point with Miles and Salter. There are two solid players upfront in Amis and Thomas, but i think this team will struggle against a team with frontcourt depth and talent.

One guy getting his first real minutes minutes showed some promise. Trevor Wiseman can be a player. Kurtz doesnt look much better than last year, although he lost 30 pounds and Joaquim is servicable at Center, but still too early to tell how effective he can be against an opponent his size.

As advertised, the team played hard. Gib played twelve guys in the first half alone. i cant remember Hawaii using 10 guys in a game, unless it was a blow-out either way. Credit the staff for having a complete roster and this will help as the season wears on and guys get tired or hurt.

This weds will be the 5th victory in a row. Arkansas Pine Bluff will be no competition. But then the team hits the road for two games, including a game against BYU in Salt Lake that will be very tough.

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bulletin- lets not go crazy

November 18th, 2010

the word is out that UH is going to join the Mountain West in football only, with all other sports to join the Big West. Although this is good news for football, baseball, and volleyball, lets no go crazy about basketball. Although the Big West is a better conference in basketball than the " new" WAC, it is not close to the Mountain West. It is essentially a one bid conference with the likes of Pacific, UC Santa Barbara, and seven other lesser sisters of the poor. The good news is all away games will be in California, making those absurd road trips a thing of the past. More on this as things develop

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I'm back

November 18th, 2010

good to be back to find the Bows undefeated. The folks i have spoken to really like the hustle and effort of this team, and the fact that they are undefeated and the Rainbow Classic Champs is a nice bonus.

The winning streak should continue tomorrow against Central Arkansas.Led by former NBA player Corliss Williamson, this is their 4thseason in Div 1 and come in wih a 1-1 record. Their win came against a non Div 1 opponent. It is a member of the Southland Conference, and boasts Scottie Pippen as an alum. They can score, averaging almost 80 points a game, so expect an up and down game. They want to play " 40 minutes of hell" like Arkansas did under Coach Nolan Richardson, pushing the pace, and pressing full court, but i doubt this year's team has the talent to do that very well.   They are led by senior guard Imad Quhwash who is averaging 21 ppg.

They are picked to finish last in the East Division of the Southland Conference so a fourth win for the Bows is expected ( by me at least). Coach Williamson was hired too late to do much recruiting and the team has been a doormat for the rest of their league so don't expect too much tomorrow.

Good news. I will begin my weekly radio show on  UH and the rest of the college basketball world on weds Dec 1. The show will air every weds after that at 6 pm. on ESPN 1420. Joining me as a co host will be former UH Associate Head Coach Jackson Wheeler. I can promise you the show will be fun, informative, and provocative and listener participation will be encouraged. By the way, i am looking for sponsors. If you are interested in helping out, and reaching an audience of college basketball fans, let's talk. Email  me at

I will be joining Bobby Curran tomorrow at my usual spot as radio color analyst and will work with Bobby on all UH home games, so tune in if you cant make the game, or bring your headset and listen in at the Arena.

 Now that i am back, the blog should run every couple of days. I hope you will participate>

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what have we learned

November 15th, 2010

well two games in the books, and two wins. The third win should come monday night against Central Michigan who lost tonight to Montana State who UH manhandled Friday night.

With all the newcomers, its the two veterans who look ready to lead this team. Boith Hiram and Bill are playing well, and newcomer Bo Barnes is the outside shooter this team lacked the last two years. Bo has already made ten threes on eighteen attempts, a great percentage. And Thomas gives the Bows another solid frontline player. There also appears to be some limited depth in both the backcourt and up front.

in the WAC this weekend, Utah State proved its going to be good with a strong win over Weber State. Too early to tell about the rest of the WAC, although BYU's dismantling of Fresno is not a good sign for the Bulldogs.

Give a little credit to the prior coaching staff. They have given the BOWS an easy preseason schedule, at least until the Diamond Head Classic and the road game at BYU.

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from a distance

November 8th, 2010

well, the season is just a few days from beginning. although i am still on the road, i did communicate with coach arnold and a lifelong fan about the Chaminade rout on Saturday night. It was impressive win, even if it was an exhibition and against a d-2 team.

Coach arnold was generally pleased with the effort. Joston Thomas showed that he has the potential to be a big time frontcourt player, and teamed with bill amis, could give hawaii a potent frontcourt. Hiram Thompson played solidly at the point, and Johnson and Barnes could provide some  outside shooting. But more will be known after this weekend"s three games.

i still dont think this team is deep enough and talented enough to run and press. But it showed solid defense in causing 20 turnovers .   \

i want to answer some questions from readers. i really appreciate you taking the time to respond. As far as where is Rod Flemings playing basketball, hw is in Europe. And the reader who stated that a UH coach was involved in a drugdeal last year, it really wasnt a coach, but a former player who was " assisitng" the team in a limited capacity.

The season officially starts today. As Iwrite this Jamie Dixon"s Pittsburgh's squad is struggling with Rhode Island up 2 with less than 2 minutes to play. Pitt is a consensus top 5 team. You have to lve college basketball

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