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Little To Gain

February 17th, 2011

Saturday night's Bracketbuster game is a no win proposition for Hawaii, and could actually turn out to be a real issue if Hawaii were to lose. Here are the facts.

UC Davis is 7-16 in the Big West. Its RPI is 265 ( out of 345 schools). Hawaii's RPI is 187 and its record against Div 1 opponents is 13-10. Hawaii has a chance for post season. Its not a great chance, but its possible. A loss to Davis would seriously hurt those chances, a win would do nothing to help.

Hawaii has lost its last two road bracketbuster games to inferior Big West opponents. It lost at Riverside and at Cal Poly. In fact, the bows lost this year at home to Cal Poly.

The trip comes right in the middle of the most important part of Hawaii's WAC schedule when Hawaii is fighting for a decent seed in the WAC Tournament. It has to go on the road right in the middle of a long home stand to play one game and turn right back around and come home.

The game is not televised and frankly, nobody really cares about it when there are important Bracketbuster games to be played the same day on TV, like Utah State at St. Marys.

Coach Arnold diplomatically told me on the show last night that a benefit of the trip is an opportunity to visit some recruits, but Gib could have done that by himself without  the entire team  traveling to the Mainland. And he candidly admitted he would much rather have not had to play the game.

If the Bows lose , we will look back at this game as a possible reason Hawaii's season may end at the WAC Tournament. If it wins, there will be big sigh of relief in Manoa.

Its time to say goodbye to Bracketbusters. Even in the beginning it was a bad idea for the WAC. It was designed to assist " mid-major" teams to possibly get an at-large bid. I though it was a poor concession for the WAC to admit to being a mid-major conference. You didn't see the Mountain West agree to the format. You saw lower level leagues jump at the chance, like the Big West.  Its an ESPN concoction, and we had no choice but to participate. It doesn't mean i have to like it. You shouldn't either

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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2 Responses to “Little To Gain”

  1. rod:

    right now all i can say is hopefully we can get some potential local recruits come out and see the game. on the mainland, players will drive miles to see a game. some might have relatives on either team. then the coaches do home visits since they're there already. but, if it's not televised hard to get exposure. and yes, if we lose ...

  2. Sam:

    Unfortunately for UH, unless ESPN gets rid of Bracketbusters (which I doubt they will), the madness won't end even after you leave the WAC and join the Big West. Instead of playing bad Big West teams in the Bracketbusters, you'll be playing what's left of the WAC teams or bad WCC teams in the Bracketbusters...

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