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Where's Waldo( Joston Thomas)?

February 18th, 2011

I have learned that Joston Thomas did not travel with the team to California. This comes after he " missed" the last two days of practice for what is being described as " personal reasons.".  Everything is pretty mysterious right now, but what I do know is that Joston's playing time has taken a huge hit over the past few games as it appears the coaching staff has decided that Trevor Wiseman is a better bet at the small forward position. Is the lack of playing time a reason for his absence? Or is there more to it?

Thomas has had an up and down career even before he came to UH. He attended several high schools and never lived up to  the hype. His time at UH has been marked by very inconsistent play. Some nights he stays in the paint and plays well, other nights he strays outside, firing up missed threes and dribbling like he thinks he is a Globetrotter. 

He has a world of talent, but in my opinion, he isn't ready to acknowledge his limitations. He often fails to play to his strengths, and appears at times to be playing his own game.  But on a team that is finding itself, and lacks depth, his absence down the stretch would not be a good thing. Hopefully, whatever problems have led to this week's absences will get resolved quickly and not be a disruption for the team at this critical time of the season.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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8 Responses to “Where's Waldo( Joston Thomas)?”

  1. Manoa:

    Googled Josten and saw his history which is not good.
    He seemed like a talented, likeable guy who needed to focus and develop some discipline. But whatever triggers these episodes for him with many teams and coaches seems to have done it again.
    This may be his last decent shot, so hopefully for player and team, he comes back and works hard to be a member of the team and does what the coaches want him to. More than basketball, Josten needs to learn some life lessons as they say.

  2. Ed:

    Well, as they saying goes, Joston needs to "man up."

  3. Shoko:

    Not to kick a man when he's down, but he leads the team, and perhaps the WAC, in turnovers (71). The game against Nevada would be the only lack of playing time (nine minutes) he's really experienced this season. However, there might be more to his absence and lack of playing time than turnovers. Mysterious indeed.

  4. Hammerin Hank Chapin:

    This sort of thing is very common these days. A coach should aim for avoiding all transfers and building his team with recruited Freshman so he doesn't have to deal with any baggage. When I was a Junior in High School I stayed on the bench the whole season. Hey, as far as I was concerned, I had the best seat in the house! In my Senior year I played. That was the way of the world, and I acquiesced. Frankly, with reference, to Jeff's comment that Joston doesn't adjust to his limitations, I was pretty realistic about just how good (or limited) I was--nowhere good enough to play in college. Oh yeah, I should also mention--that was in 1953-54, another day, another era.

  5. rainbowbballer:

    Jeff, what seems to be hiding behind the scenes? This is the third player with personal issues, Josten and Salter may be right, but what happened to the freshman, he seem to be a different type of personality than the other two.(Jeff, your take, on this??) Is this just growing pains or personnel mangagement style?? Watching the tape of the Neveda game, Josten was involved quite a bit,(rebounding and passing) Josten also moved the ball into Vander in the post. All of our, players are needed in the stretch run to the "WAC CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP" it is possible and or a NIT home game. A NIT home game would be a sell out. The public is ready, all unsold upper seat given to grade school, fans to fill the stands, must wear approriate color and Not White.
    PS, Jeff a side bar, I must have missed it but what was the reason for the ineligiblity of the three(?) football players for the Hawaii Bowl. I am sure that is a consideration during contract negotiation time. WHY oh WHY, Coach Mack, the coach responsible for that Gaffe, should have his bonus penalized.

  6. jmama:

    Wow you can see the talent and unfortunately for UH you can see the miscommunication. Mr. Thomas is to young to fully grasp the opportunity he has before him and will probably not make the right choice. Let's hope it's not too much of a distraction for our team. Go bows.

  7. OnTheSides:

    Also ... where's D. Brumfield??? Heard about all his talent and stuff but he hardly plays ... what's up w/ that?

  8. Travis:

    Jeff, do you know or have a feeling that the situation with Joston is something similar to that of Salter and Coleman? If it is, I hope Joston will stick it out because I see a huge potential in his style of play. If he just works on his decision making, passing, and turnovers, I think he could be an all-WAC/Big West first team selection.

    Hang in there Joston. We need you!

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