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February 28th, 2011

Saturday night's  WAC games once again demonstrated a couple of things I have been writing about the WAC this season. The first is just how weak a conference the WAC is this year. I cant remember a year when the Conference, other than Utah State , has been as poor as this year. Teams like New Mexico State, Fresno, and Nevada have fallen off the basketball map.

Secondly, teams that are well coached, disciplined, and maybe not as talented, are beating teams with more talent, but lack teamwork and heart. How many times on Saturday night did a New Mexico State player forget there were four other team-mates on the floor, while the Bows continued to demonstrate that five will almost always beat one or two.

Some predictions on where teams will wind up. I know some Hawaii media types continue to believe Hawaii has a real chance to finish fourth and get a first round bye. Folks, it will take a perfect storm for that to happen. Utah State will finish first and Boise second. Boise is 9-6 and has only San Jose at home. Idaho will finish third in my view. The Vandals are 8-7 and have Fresno at home. New Mexico State will finish fourth. The Aggies are 8-6, and have Utah State and Nevada at home. They will win at least one of those games. Hawaii is currently tied with Nevada at 7-7. Nevada has to go to La Tech and New Mexico State and could lose both. Hawaii will play at San Jose and Fresno. I predict a win at Fresno and a loss at San Jose. However, if Hawaii were to win both games, and New Mexico  were to lose two ( they have not lost at home in the WAC all year), the Bows could sneak into fourth.  But if Hawaii were to lose both games, and San Jose won both, they would be tied.  And on and on. My prediction, which I made two weeks ago, Hawaii finishes fifth and plays Fresno in Round one.

Hoopstalk will be on tomorrow ( tuesday) at 6. We are moved again because of circumstances beyond our control. And it has been confirmed that I will covering the Final Four for the Star-Advertiser in Houston with daily reports and blogs.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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7 Responses to “News and Notes”

  1. T J Loo:

    We Rainbow fans are so excited that we now have a TEAM. Gib Arnold has done a great job. Fans are different today.....They yell when excited. Enjoy you on the radio and your candid comments. Go BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dan-O:

    Who cares where we finish? We MADE the tournament!!!!!!!!

  3. jeffp:

    Dan, some people care because the top four seeds get a bye and winning four games in four days is quite a task. But i agree, making the tournament and winning 17 games , so far, is a great accomplishment. TJ, thanks for the kind remarks.

  4. Travis:

    Not sure about your prediction that NMSU will win at least one of their games. They play @USU and Nevada. They will almost certainly lose to USU and they already lost to Nevada. Despite NMSU not losing at home yet, Nevada is a hot and cold team and if they are hot, they have a good chance at knocking off the aggies at home.

    Either way, I'm just happy we made the tourney and by the way UH has been playing we have a good shot at winning at least 2 games there.

  5. Isaac:

    I'll be happy if Hawaii finishes fourth...I think they have a good chance at winning both road games, and who knows, the WAC has had its usual wackiness and it's very possible UH could finish even higher.

  6. chopsueyboy:

    Happy UH MBB has a product to be proud of, love watching this team.

    Interesting comments from Coach Roy Williams on tar heels first championship with Michael Jordan knocking down the winning shot

    Celebrating the basketball genius of Dean Smith on his 80th birthday


  7. jjay:

    Wow, Portnoy ,a free trip to the finals courtesy Star Advertiser, how can you take all that time off on trips all year long from your busy law practice? Lucky guy!

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