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February 8th, 2012

I am back. Interesting few weeks since the last blog. I had predicted the Rainbows would go 2-1 on the road trip and I was right. It wasnt easy, but they got it done. The loss at Utah State was no surprise even with the Aggies struggles this year. The win at Idaho was solid, but the win at San Jose, who hasnt won yet in the conference, was a bigger struggle than expected. But hey, a win is a win..

If you read this blog regularly or listen to the radio show, you know that i said at the beginning of the season that the key to Hawaii's success this year rested with Joston Thomas. I think that was right on. Joston has played within himself most of the season and has turned in some monster games ( witness Saturday night's performance against the Spartans). Yes, Miah, Vander and Johnson are important, but we expected them to play well. Joston, to me, was a question mark.

On the negative side of things, the suspension of Trevor Wiseman for " insubordination" is a disappointment. In the early part of the season, Gib  was singing his praises, but as the season wore on, the play of Thomas had diminished Wiseman's playing time and it came to head in San Jose when Wiseman refused to go back into the game and an argument in front of the team and fans took place ( i am told). Will he back. Dont know, but i wont be shocked if his season is over. You just cant do that as player.

Stokes minutes continue to decrease. It will be interesting to see what happens to his UH career.

Nevada comes into town tomorrow night off of a shocking home loss to Idah.> After not having lost since Nov 14th, they lose to an Idaho team that was coming off a home loss to you know who. Nevada has been struggling the last few weeks, even though they were winning. Before the loss to Idaho, they had a 1 point home win against Utah State, and a 2 point road win at La Tech. Still they come here leading the league, and ft UH has any chance of winning the league, they must win tomorrow night.  Remember UH lost by only 3 in Reno, and I am going to predict a UH win tomorrow. Yes Nevada has the best overall talent in the league, and at least one early NBA draft pick, but they are not playing all that well right now, and the Rainbows are. UH needs to do a better job defending  Burton and Czyz ( 49 points in the last game), but i like our chances at home. It should be fun and I expect the biggest home crowd of the year.

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Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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3 Responses to “What Did I Miss”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    Re: Trevor Wiseman. Well. Everybody deserves a second chance. And some change and responsible change is good: Gibb is the boss, but, maybe can stand to revamp things and maybe that was evident in the incident.

  2. hossana:

    Gib does not need to change. These prima donna athletes lack character and discipline. Nothing more and nothing less. Gib did the right thing and in order to run a team with cohesion and consistency, you need discipline and the players need to know that rules and instructions are the foundation of every team and if you don't comply or become part of the team, then you're off the team and can wave goodby. I have no sympathy for these athletes and for people that say the Coach should change...He runs a tight ship and rightfully so.

  3. Hank Chapin:

    Scottie Pippen pulled that sulky-kine stunt of not going in the game. He's still highly rated but not in my mind and basketball fans still remember. Wiseman better wise up or he's history around here. Disrespect can be contagious on a team. For Wiseman to say publicly he is "cool with it." makes me wonder if his head is in the right place.

    People who sat in the front rows have told me Bob Nash had to deal with that kind of open mutiny, which, if it's true, must have been horrible for his son. I sort of liked Wiseman too. He looks and plays like a basketball player.

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