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What a Game

March 31st, 2012

back and forth they went down the stretch but you just had a feeling Kansas would pull the game out. Robinson outplayed Sullinger, and Kansas had their way in the paint. OSU could not make a last second FG and so it will be Kansas vrs Kentucky. I think KU can make a game of it as Robinson could give Davis trouble in what will a match up of the two best players in college basketball. Credit Bill Self for taking this Kansas team to the final game, but i think it will be all Kentucky. sullinger on the floor in disbelief

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with 11 minutes left to play

March 31st, 2012

Kansas has come from way back as OSU has made 2 baskets this half and Kansas is having its way inside outscoring OSU 26 to 6 in the paint. One starter for each team, Johnson for Kansas and Thomas for OSU have 4 fouls. Kansas trails by 3 after tieing the game a minute ago

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At the half

March 31st, 2012

if i told you that at at the half, Kansas' best two players, Robinson and Taylor, would be a combined 6-17, and that OSU made 5 of 10 "3", you would guess correctly that OSU dominated the first half. Its largest lead was 13, and it has a 9 point lead at the half. William Buford went to the bench with 5 minutes left in the half, but still is OSU's leading scorer with 8. Sullinger has 7 points and 4 rebounds. His " 00" counterpart, Thomas robinson, has 8 points and 3 rebounds

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game 2

March 31st, 2012

its Sullinger vrs Robinson as game 2 tips off. should be a great game. But dont count out each team's supporting casts . i like the Buckeyes in a close contest.

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No surprise in Game 1

March 31st, 2012

there really was no surprise Kentucky won the game, but for a moment or two at the 9 minute mark of the second half, Wildcat fan's hearts fluttered a bit as Louisville tied the game after being down by as many as 12.

Anthony Davis proved why he is the National Player of the year as he led Kentucky in points, rebounds and blocked shots. and did you see the slam he made in the last minute. are you kidding me?

For Lousiville, they shot poorly the whole night, but outrebounded Kentucky which enabled them to take almost 20 more shots. Kentucky's poor free throw shooting also helped keep the game within reach.

Kentucky will need to step it up some before they can claim the championship, but getting this one behind them should take some of the pressure off

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March 31st, 2012

Kentucky 35 Louisville 28. Kentucky led comfortably for the entire half trailing only 2-0. Kentucky's largest lead was 10, but Louisville cut it to 3 before Kentucky scored the last 5 points of the half. Kentucky shot 60 % from the field, Louisville only 37.5. Anthony Davis has 8 points and 7 rebounds with only one foul so Louisville's strategy to get Davis in foul trouble hasnt happened.

Take away the points in the paint, and neither team is really shooting well from outside. I still say these Domes do affect outside shots. Each team has made a single three.

Is the game over. No. Kentucky did play almost 13 minutes without Kidd-Gilchris who went out early with 2 fouls, but Louisville will need to shoot much better if it hopes to keep this game close. Also, Lousiville needs a much better half from Siva who was a nonfactor in half number 1( no points and no rebounds, 1 point and 3 turnovers

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its game time

March 31st, 2012

we are just moments away from tipoff and the Dome is electric. Seems like there are a million Kentucky fans here, at least it sounds like it. Louisville scores the first bucket.Kenucky answers.

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the calm before the storm

March 31st, 2012

the non basketball fun is about to take a back seat to basketball. i am sitting in press row between the New York Post and ESPN about 2 hours before the first game between Kentucky and Louisville. The town is crawling in folks in Kentucky blue.

After three days of eating, listening to great music, and partaking in all that this great city has to offer, its hoops time.

The Dome seats 72,000 people, but i still cant believe folks pay hundreds of dollars to sit in the upper deck, far from the court. even the people in the lower non floor seats are far from the action. The Louisville student section is to my right, and they may not have much to cheer for if the so called experts are correct.

I was on the bus with an assistant coach from a Div 1 school who told me Kentucky could beat two or three NBA teams.

But there is no better place for the Final Four. The weather has been great, the outdoor concerts packed, and you can drink on the street. What else could you ask for? For the college basketball fan, this is heaven.

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Thomas to leave UH

March 27th, 2012

Uh announced just a few minutes ago that Joston Thomas is leaving UH " to pursue a professional basketball career". Come on. In the press release, everybody is saying the politically correct things, but can anybody really believe there is not much more behind this.

Joston had a solid year. In fact, his on court stats, minus the fouls and the occasional " what are you doing shots', were solid. They contributed to several UH victories. But ready for the pros. Who is he kidding? He needed another year in college to build his resume. But perhaps off the court issues might have influenced this decision.

UH front court looked to be its strength going into next season. With Joston and Vander, and the Nebraska red-shirt, the 6'8'' Christian Standardinger, UH had a formidable front-line that i think could have been the best in the Big West. Now, without Joston, there is a big hole to file.

Is he the last to go? My guess is no. Bobby Miles did not get off the bench in the Tournament, and the team badly needs a point guard or two. And i wouldnt be shocked if there were others.

Gib came to UH with a solid reputation as a recruiter. This is his second real recruiting go-around. Last year, for various reasons, 4 of the 6 recruits announced in April never enrolled. Hopefully, this years class will fill the voids left by the loss of two seniors, Miah and Zane, and now the premature loss of Thomas.

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The Scores and Big West Preview

March 26th, 2012

First, the scores in the big Hoopstalk Final Four Contest. Believe or not, only three entries had three of the four final four teams, as did I. But one of the three has Missouri in the final game so probably wont hang on. The early favorites to win the contest are Kawansel with 22 points so far, with Kentucky and Ohio State in the championship game and Kentucky the winner, and Brandon with 20 points,  who has Kentucky and Kansas in the final game, with Kentucky winning. " Jack it up" has a chance if Ohio State wins it all.  " And One" could be there at the end if Kansas wins it all.

Tonight on Hoops talk on ESPN 1420 at 6, we will have as our guest Bob Burton, the head coach at Cal State Fullerton, as we will take our first look at the Big West, Hawaii's new conference. I leave wednesday for New Orleans where i will be covering the Final Four for the paper. Should be fun. Can anybody beat Kentucky? I think Ohio State can? What do you think?

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