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almost game time

April 2nd, 2012

after four days of perfect weather, the thunderstorms have hit downtown New Orleans 2 hours before game time. What should have been a 7 minute media bus ride to the Dome took 45 minutes. You know the ticket scalpers are really unhappy, as are the t-shirt vendors. but the dome is filling up with what is expected to be a Kentucky home crowd. It will be all Blue.. interesting trivia fact. no matter who wins tonight, it will be the 10th straight year a team wearing blue takes home the crown. more at the half

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  1. Hank Chapin:

    There is a law of diminishing returns in the Big Dance. To me, the best game was Lehigh's first, and only, victory--and I listened to it on the radio for goodness sake! As the tournament advances, it becomes less interesting. Kentucky was a foregone conclusion. This guy Anthony Davis, from what I had read about him, I thought he was a playmaker. But he's just another huge tall guy. He'll have to bulk up to compete at the next level, but from what I was reading he was being rated as the best prospect in a long time. I think high school basketball is more interesting because the Miah Ostrowskis of the world, the normal-sized people, have a shot at excelling.

    Sorry to be so snarky, it's not your fault. You did a great job of conveying the excitement that surrounds the tournament along with the games, Jeff! Going to the Jewish Coaches' Breakfast two years in a row is worth reading about all by itself. Who knew? And your developing friendship with John Feinstein will ceratinly add to your depth of knowledge.

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