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April 12th, 2012

Tonight on Hoopstalk at 7 pm on ESPN 1420, we will continue our tour of the Big West with an interview with UC Santa Barbara Head Coach Bob Williams. We will also talk to our Final Four Contest winner Brandon Matsuoka.

As expected the first day of the National Signing period came and went without any UH signings. The next two weeks will tell us if Coach could find the point guard this team needs badly, along with one or two other recruits.

On the National scene, the big winners were Kentucky and UCLA as they snared the top two players available. Funny how UCLA, with all its issues, fared as well as it did, and we all know about Kentucky's success in signing the one and done players. Perhaps another big surprise is that Duke's recruiting class was not rated in the top 25.

By the way, i have brought back from the Final Four several items that were only available to the media ( Final Four guides, score sheets, etc). If you are a fan of any of the final four teams, you may want to listen tonight and next week to Hoopstalk as I will be giving things away as prizes.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “tonight on Hoopstalk”

  1. Manoa Mist:

    Should we be worried we don't have any signings on Signing Day? From our super recruiter coach? I feel kinda worried actually.

  2. jjay:

    Well Jeff, maybe you can expound on possible rumors out there from reliable sources you have close to the program(which you are) about who it Europe we're after ,and if it is someone there how quickly can we know if they qualify so we dont get burned again by non qualifiers and then scramble after that to get someone. Also if you know if Aaric Armstead is coming in for a visit or not ,and who ever else.

  3. jeff:

    OMG trevor wiseman gone he joins bo barnes,bobby miles,josten thomas, jordan coleman,anthony salter,dominic brumfield not sure maybe somebody else?garett jefferson? Not good news i guess we got another scolie but not very happy such turmoil Portnoy what is your take?

  4. jeff:

    Any players coming in?You and Jackson have any leads? I pray vander comes back oh the big west looks bad for us

  5. mctruck:

    The much talked about asian swing by coach Gib being a sorta, teaching/recruiting?/bonding approach to the program.......well, lost his assistant-hc....his highly acclaimed recruiting class went south.....and now his current roster being depleted from members moving out of the program!?
    Am I missing something here???.....I think maybe UH should have looked at that guy(coach) from Saint Marys..just saying.

  6. mctruck:

    Wonder if the AD feels any urgency to the sitation at hand and if he has actually sat down with coach Gib to discuss any bb related issues??

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