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Its Crazy Out There

April 19th, 2012

The world of college basketball continues to amaze me with stories that just make you shake your head. just this week:

1. Indiana offers a basketball scholarship to an 8th grader. Yes, he is the brother of Indiana star Eric Gordon, and yes, he is already being recruited by Michigan State, Ohio State, etc, but give me a break. He is 14 years old. He expects an offer from Purdue as well.

2. 71 year old Larry Borwn is the new head coach at SMU. Yes, that Larry Brown. This will be his 12th coaching job, nine in the NBA. SMU's basketball program is about where its football program before June Jones, but come on, is Larry Brown the answer.

3. Kentucky's entire starting 5 declares for the draft. One and done is one thing, but this is riduculous. Yes they won it all this year, but is Kentucky simply the Class A minor league for the entire NBA. And can you discount that one or more of these guys might have had shoe deals and/ or agents before the tournament. Dont cry for Kentucky however. they have a top 5 recruiting class of a new crop of one and done.

4. Bo Ryan of Wiscconsin tries to limit where one of his players can transfer to until it became a big media issue and now that player can transfer to any school not in the Big Ten. Coaches can leave whenever and to wherever they want, but I guess players have to go only where their coach says they can.

5. The NCAA turns down UCONN and Toledo"s appeals that will prevent them playing in the post -season next year because their APR's are so low. Because of poor grades and transfer issues, these two schools academic scores are a joke, and i commend the NCAA for holding firm dispite much political pressure. I dont agree with alot of what the NCAA does, but i beleive we are still talking about college sports and " student athletes" ( ha ha).

And that's just this week. Hoopstalk tonight at 7:00 on ESPN. Our next to last show. dont miss it. We will be giving away some one of a kind Final Four items to thank our loyal listeners along with our continuing tour of the Big West and the latest recruiting news.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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4 Responses to “Its Crazy Out There”

  1. jeff:

    thanks jeff 1 and jackson great shows honest not cheerleaders we all want the bows to be a great program. with all these defections it is like we start all over people can spin it what ever hope coach can be like houdini and bring in some real players next week might be big

  2. eagle:

    Good Idea, Jeff, to capture that snapshot of a Wild Week in NCAA Basketball -- it IS All Kapakahi -- Time for Olympic, NCAA, HS & Pro Reps to Lay Out how it ALL "should " work establish some Targets and Challenge Organizations to Move Towards Them. As A Practicing Attorney, HOW Do You Suggest Reigning In The Agents and AAU "Coaches" ?

    Players Can't Transfer ? (without sitting out) -- How 'Bout the Same Rules for Coaches and Administrators ? They might quickly Change their Tunes ...

    Great Show -- Hopefully, By Next Week this time, there's enough to report that pukas on the UH Team appear to be well-filled with Higher Octane, Basketball-Smart & Level-Headed(?) Players who can also prove out as Student-Athletes (even Graduate) ...

    ? Speaking of Famous & In-Famous, Jackson's Got To be Able to Out-Recruit one or two of the coaches currently on staff ?
    He's Got Track Record and even Movies to show ....[REF: "Hoops Dreams"]

  3. zzzzzz:

    Won't Kentucky's APR take a big hit with all the one-and-dones?

    Didn't we have one of those transfer issues here, with Coach Chow not letting a former UH player transfer to BYU?

  4. Meta World:

    ZZZZZZ ....

    The BYU Tampering or Interference Perception (Or Reality) resulted in the 2011 so-called "Riley Nelson" Rule -- you might recall he started (against U.H.) @ QB for Utah State as a True Freshman ... then went on his 2-year LDS Mission ... the suddenly turned up starting for BYU this past season ...

    The Reason for BYU being 'pegged' as "initiating" the second case (Mike Wadsworth who was here @ U.H. his freshman season, then two-year LDS Mission, then suddenly Requesting Transfer Scholarship Release was that the Request was initiated by BYU...) ... Coach Chow graciously authorized Mike Wadsworth to immediately transfer and receive a scholarship at ANY School (including Utah State, Utah Valley, etc.) except prospective tamperer BYU ...

    Wisconsin's Bo Ryan garnered blowback because he was trying to block his (former) player's transfer to TWO Full conferences' schools (Plus) -- far beyond the norm (as a non-competition clause) of not releasing a player to schools in (generally, normally, only) your own conference...

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