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April 26th, 2012

last night, the basketball team and boosters held their annual end of the season banquet at the Hilton. As always, it was well attended and lots of fun .And, in my mind, its the official end to the 2011-2012 season and means the blog will go on summer recess ( except for the occasional blog if and when something important happens).

Coach Arnold gave his annual state of the team talk thanking the departing players ( even the transfers), and telling the folks about the returning guys and redshirts, along with the fall and spring signees, and sounding really optimistic about the 2012-2013 edition. We learned that there is one scholarship remaining which may or may not be filled, at least not right away, and that of the four recruits in last weekend, they got the " one guy they wanted".

I am still concerned about the point guard position, but it seems the coaches arent, and they count. I am also still concerned we dont have a consistant outside scorer, but only time will tell if one of the redshirts or new guys can fill that role.

Its been a fun year, admittedly filled with ups and downs. The second half swoon and the 16-16 record have to be considered a disappointment as well as the lack of any post season play. But the emergence of Vander, and the play of the entire team in the WAC Tournament were clearly highlights. The tranfers are an issue, but the redshirts and recruits hold solid promise. There were a few signature wins ( Xavier) and some disapponitng loses.

For me, i enjoyed broadcasting the gamnes with Bobbie once again on ESPN 1420 and Hoopstalk, the radio show, really took off. I want to thank Jackson for his co-hosting duties. I look forward to the return of Hoopstalk, the radio show, in October, as well as next season " behind the mike" as the team enters the Big West. And finally, to all of you who read this blog, thanks for your interest, support, comments, and even the occasional criticism. Cant wait for October 15. Aloha

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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  1. Eagle:

    Thanks, Jeff

    Didn't make this season's banquet; Coach Gib might have said some of this last night, but today covered some key (or optimistic or both) points on Bobby's Morning show today:

    Coach GIB Post-Award Banquet and Spring Update/ Comments …(On Thurs 4/26/2012 BCurran Show):

    Spring/ Summer is when Players are made;
    Fall / Winter is when Teams are made;
    You can see Players Quickly Climbing / Stepping Up &
    you can see players falling back.
    It’s Amazing how fast the dynamics change, especially the guys that had to sit out; now that they know they’re competing for starting jobs, some of them are playing like Veterans.

    We could get into the transfers & reasons, but the fact is that 40% Transfers of freshman in their first two years is the Norm.
    Not so much with JC and Foreign players.
    It can be tough when you lose them
    but it’s also great when they come to you:
    (Touched on Standhardinger, Tavita (2-1/2 year starter & Team Captain @Utah, a lot like Miah), Shamburger, Spearman).

    Players we haven’t seen much that should make an impact:
    Standhardinger was/is our best Power Forward;
    Orel Lev is Our Best Athlete: best leaper (vertical), a real leader & tough defender. He and
    Brandon Jawato can shoot the threes; they’re both real physical. We took redshirts on the road & Brandon looked good all season; he plays hard, sometimes looks like an All-American: the coaches were real impressed [players were also talking him up all last year.]

    Of course you’re never sure how well (it translates) when the lights are turned on…


    Recruiting Site(s) now reporting that Aaric Armstead (6-4, 195, FR, Athletic Shooting Guard, ?Fresno City Player of the Year? ) arriving tomorrow?
    He is also a Chicago HS star similar to recent top recruit Brandon Spearman... i've got to guess former Chicago Coach Benjy Taylor has a strong hand in this ... probably doesn't hurt that Chicago/Illinois basketball fan POTUS (President of The United States) Barack Obama also grew up here, huh? Catch POTUS on The Jimmy Fallon show -- i'm SURE they'll re-run it ...

    Here’s to locking in our Chicago Sweep!

    Welcome, Aaric!
    Clearly you can be a part of Hawai’i's greatest Revival / Ascension!
    Jeff Noted on his show that there have been 22 basketball sell-outs of the Stan Sheriff Center -- most during Anthony Carter's reign -- IF Aaric signs with Hawai'i (and maybe even if he doesn't) it may be time for a few more ... There are quite a few future play-for-pay players and Aaric could be among the best...
    Have an Awesome Weekend!

    [Maybe something accelerated the schedule -- Earlier this week they didn't expect any visits immediately...Any other visitors now or soon?
    Aaric clearly got the lead -- No.1 for remaining scholarship(s)...]

  2. Eagle:

    NO Confirmation of Any Visits This Week --

    Request Updates, As Available...

  3. Manoa Mist:

    Some banquet. Day after, Shaq Stokes leaves. What the heck is going on with UH hoops?

  4. jjay:

    Re Open Hoops Talk -Shaq leaves , is the sky falling? home sick now, he was talking all about returning next season ...Now we really need a POINT GUARD, not next year ,this YEAR !!

  5. jeff:

    expect growing pains jeff 1 but this is bazaar alot of wasted recruiting on these players maybe it is titanic sinking but i am sure people will spin it like shaq was not a good player what ever

  6. Hon2255:

    Jeff what's the truth can we have the truth and not spin doctors telling us hunky dory crap. Too many p
    Many leaving,many recruiting mistakes now for sure a APR problem and lose scholies!

  7. Eagle:

    O.K....For the "Birthers" out there ...it's o. k. , even necessary to ask tough questions, just don't "Panic" 'till you see a TREND of Repetitious Errors & Problems -- Year-to-Year, especially IF the program showed a pattern of bad solutions or an inability to Learn & Improve...Right Now the criticism is lumping together a string of different problems, many of which are to be expected with a "risk-taking" and growing program -- Smart Risk-Taking Programs grow much faster than conservative try the same thing over again programs...

    SO If I was the head coach and i "knew" that the replacement players would likely ALL be Two & Three Star Recruits and Potential Impact Players -- Shamburger, Spearman, Clair Plus One -- i would be "encouraging" and helping hthe transfers (the ones we've lost) out, even encouraging those with the likelihood of even LESS Playing Time especially when they already showed they could hardly handle past reductions in their playing time...

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