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The Return Of Hoopstalk-the Blog and Radio Show

September 6th, 2012

On September 19 at 7 pm on ESPN 1420, and every Weds thereafter ( hopefully at the same time), Hoopstalk returns to the airways. Jackson and I are raring to go and have lined up Coach Gib and UNC Coach Roy Williams for the first show. The following week we will be joined by Pitt Coach, Jamie Dixon.

It has been a fascinating " off-season " for the Basketball Bows with folks coming and going, and with a new league, it promises to be an exciting season.

We have been following all events closely, including the summer league, recruiting news, Big West happenings, and what is going on in the athletic department at UH, and will provide our perspective on all of this. In the blog, I will attempt to provide news about UH Basketball, maybe even a rumor or two, and commentary and opinions that some of you will agree with and some will not. But i hope you will take a second or two to respond, whether you agree with my thoughts or not.

For those of you who have folowed the blog the past two years, you know i am not an apologist for the program and do not shy away from critical comments. On the other hand, as a booster and the color guy on broadcasts, i want the program to thrive , the team to win, and the student -athletes to conduct themselves the right way, on and off the court. The coaching staff may not always accept my opinion, nor should they, but like each of you, being a fan includes the right to praise what we like and comment on what we dont.

The first substantive blog will make its way september 20 and i will try to blog every few days thereafter. Even though official practices dont start until mid October, the team is working out already with limited participation by the coaches. It should be a great year for college basketball.

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