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November 5th, 2012

Well, it seems like yesterday that i signed off on the blog as the 2011-2012 season ended on a somewhat disappointing note. A 500 record and some late season loses made many of us look forward to this season.
Much has happened since then. Several players left the program prematurely, the Athletic Department has no permanent AD, ther have been some coaching changes, several new players have arrived, and the season will begin in earnest this Friday.
Watching several of the players this summer, and attending the HPU exhibition, some things appear obvious in the early going. On the positive side, we are going to have a very good frontcourt. Vander is back, although still recovering from the injury that has kept him off the court for weeks, and redshirt Christian Standhardinger and newcomer Issac Fotu will provide the Bows with one of the better frontcourts in the Big West. On the concern side of things, the backcourt looks less than steller at this point with no true point guard and questionable outside shooting. Their are also are questions in my mind about perimeter defense and free throw shooting ( particularly from the guards). Rebounding and inside offense should not be a problem.
Brereton appears to be the most consistent shooter going into the season, but the Bows will need Brandon Spearman to carry some of this responsibilty.
This weekend's games are all against weak opponents and offer the Bows a relatively easy opportunity for a quick 3-0 start.
Its a new league and its a league that is guard dominated if you have listened to the Big West Coaches we have had on Hoopstalk so far this radio season ( every Wed at 7 on 1420 ESPN), so guard play will be critical to the Bows success, or lack thereof, this season. Many of have asked me or called the show to ask how good will the team
be. My answer is consistent. Who knows? With all the new pieces, ask me again in mid December.
I will preview this weekend's games later this week. I will try to have a new blog entry at least three times a week. As always, i hope you will blog back. We may not always agree, but that's the fun of this blog. We dont have to.
I will be on the Bobby Curran show tomorrow at 8 to talk with my play by play partner how things look going into the season. jackson and I will preview the Weekend's games on the show weds.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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