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A Bad Loss

December 10th, 2012

Its easy at Holiday time to try to sugar-coat things that cant be sugar-coated, so I wont try. Saturday night's loss to Pepperine is a bad loss. Losing by 1 to a good Illinois team or at UNLV can be rationalized. Losing at home against a WCC team picked to finish towards the bottom of their league and who lost to Utah Valley State cannot.

What was most disturbing to me about the loss was the lack of effort , especially in the first half. One team came to play and it wasnt the home team. In every game before this, UH played hard. It grabbed the loss balls, played with emotion, and even when playing aginst more talented teams, appeared to accept the challenge. Saturday night, almost nothing went right.

Once again, poor free throw shooting dominated the adverse statistics. And after 7 games, 6 at home, can you realy expect much improvement. Turnovers continue to haunt the team. Saturday night, in a half court game, 10 turnovers ( not many) led to 22 points ( way too many. That's more than 2 points per turnover). The lack of effort is best demonstrated by the fact that much bigger and stronger UH team ( Pepperdine's tallest starter was only 6'7), only outrebounded Pepperdine by 5. And most of all, Pepperdine controlled the tempo, forcing the Bows to play their half court game instead of the transition game UH prefers.

The lack of consistent outside shooting was again evident, as Brereton and Spearman struggled to make shots. And let's face it, Vander is not back to where he needs to be, not having one offensive rebound and only one block ( that's a total of just three for the season).

Were there any positives? Not many, although you I could look to Tavita's three threes. On a night like Saturday, there wasnt much else.

What is particularly troublesome about Saturday night's loss is that Pepperdine is a lot like the teams Hawaii will play in Conference, guard dominated and not very big. Can you chalk up the loss to it just being a bad night all around? I guess you can. Certainly no one can seriously count this team out, particularly in a weak Big West Conference where the preseason favorite, Long Beach State, is being beaten like a rug by top 100 teams. Is this the team that took Illionois to the wire or the team we saw Saturday night. The jury is still out, at least this juror.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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5 Responses to “A Bad Loss”

  1. T J Loo:

    Why?????????? I don't think the team has a leader. Riley's teams always had a captain that boosted the team. Could it be that coaching does not inspire the team?

  2. masteruke:

    I don't believe that Gib Arnold is a good coach. Like last year when he had Miah he continues to use a point that opponents sag off because they know UH points are not much of an offensive threat. They continue to have high turnover rates and what can you say about free throws except they suck. Most importantly though is he hasnt taught he players court discipline. Example is Standhardinger. You can appreciate his enthusiasm but he dribbles down the court trying to play one on two and loses the ball, turnover. Joaquim gets a ball down low a dribbles into a double team loses the ball. Lastly Gib has a knack of substituting at the wrong time. Whenever you sub three players at a time you change the chemistry of the players on the court. Unless you are platooning the majority of the time its a bad idea. Besides the players stepping up its about time the coaches step up too. Start coaching but most of all start teaching

  3. lowtone123:

    No doubt Gib will run the boys hard at practice this week. The team got by through out-working their opponents. This team still needs a leader one who wants the ball with the game on the line. Last season that guy was Zane. I was hoping Hauns would step up to the plate this season.

  4. che:

    I agree with Masterruke's appoint about start teaching. Joaquim is a good player but he frustrates me. He made huge improvements from the start of his first year to the end of that year but after that he has hardly improved. He hold the ball so the double team can trap him. He need to know where the trap is coming from make a move or get rid of the ball.

    I also didn't understand his substituion down the stretch. I guess he is trying to find that third guard.

    Yes it's easy being an armchair coach but I hope they play better in the classic.

  5. tsboy:

    as bad as UH played, they were still in the game. you could blame the loss on Bereton and Spearman who contributed nothing for the home team. but the whole team is to blame because nobody played particularly well. got no problem with Stanhardinger dribbling down the court after a rebound. he's like a point forward and you need that in the transition game. yes, Vander needs to pass the ball out sooner on a double team. but not making free throws is not the coach's fault. all of them can make free throws, except maybe Jace. i've seen them do it. thats on the players.

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