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Its A No Win Proposition

December 12th, 2012

Saturday night's game against Div 2 Chaminade presents UH with the classic " no-win" proposition. Beat your little brother and folks say no big deal. Lose, and the howls of unhappiness will ring from the rafters.

Credit Coach Gib for scheduling a regular season game against one of Hawaii's Pac West Schools. Credit Coach Gib for playing the game on a neighbor island. But the game does little for UH's already poor RPI ( 254), or its game readiness against Div 1 opponents.

Having said that, Chaminade will be no push over. They already own a win against a better Div 1 opponent than UH has beaten having defeated Texas on Maui in a game that was no fluke. Yes, the Silverswords lost badly the next two days, but they showed that they can stay with a more talented team if that team doesnt show up ready to play. Chaminade is struggling right now, having lost 4 straight and comes into the game with an under 500 record. But they have a bigtime player in De'Andre Haskins, a transfer from Valpo, who is averaging 21 ppg ( he has missed the last two games because of injury so not sure what his status is for Saturday).

No question Hawaii has the better overall talent and size, but Chaminade can hit the three and make this game competive if the Bows dont find their shooting stroke and come into the game overconfident ( You wouldnt expect that coming off of Saturday's poor effort). The game will not be on TV, so listen to Bobby and me on our broadcast on ESPN at 7:30.

This is the last game before the level of competition takes a leap forward in the Diamond Head Classic. Hawaii's next foe is Miami ( Fla). I will blog more about the tournament next week , but make plans to attend what will be a very good field. Onto the friendly island.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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3 Responses to “Its A No Win Proposition”

  1. masteruke:

    after the DHC no matter who Hawaii plays in the BW will not help their rpi. To make it to the big dance UH has to win the conference, period. For Gib its a blessing that the BW is down this year because so far he has not shown the ability to coach. Mr. Portnoy, please give some honest opinions on why you think this team is struggling. Not the sugar coated news writer stuff because I believe that this team is really better than what it has shown so far

  2. jeff 1:

    i think i do that fairly often. Weaknesses: Poor free throw shooting; lack of a consistant scorer from outside the paint; Vander is under-performing; no real depth; average guards. the strengths are an above average inside game; generally play hard; can run if control the boards; play in a weak conference ( at least so far this year);good team chemistry;solid man defense, although giving up too many open threes. Like to hear what you all think are the strengths and weaknesses so far with alot of basketball left to play so some of these observations may change one way or another

  3. lowtone123:

    You're right Jeff, no win situation it may be closer than most think. Chaminade is struggling right now but can play at a level better than most of the teams UH has played up to this point. Coach Gib wants the Warriors to get back to the level they were playing at prior to last week. That is rebounding, defense and just playing hard and with a level of intensity and urgency.

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