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Fight Night on the Friendly Isle

December 18th, 2012

Saturday night's game on Molokai will be remembered by those who were there for many reasons, some good, one not so good. First the good.

The reception afforded to the teams by the people of the Friendly Island was extraordinary. The stands were full, the crowd vocal, and the hospitality was incredible. The post game meal provided to the teams, and the radio broadcasters, among others, will not be soon forgotten. And it has been a long time since anyone asked for my autograph. Gib is to be commended for scheduling this game, and kudos to Chaminade for hosting the event.

The game itself was exciting. It was fast paced with lots of offense. I expected UH to dominate the boards and score inside at will, and Chaminade to keep the game competitive with its guard play and three point shooting. What i didnt expect was Hawaii's ability to make three's , and ultimately, that was the difference in the final score.

On the negative side, from a basketball prosepctive, was Hawaii's continuing inability to maintain large second half leads. Once again, Hawaii almost let a 20 point lead evaporate in the second half. But once Chaminade got to within five, the Bows stepped to the line and converted, something they have been unable to do consistently so far this year.

The big negative were the four technical fouls and the loss of control by Tavita and Vander. We have seen this from Vander too often and last year the officials in the WAC were careful in trying to keep Vander under control. Saturday night, his going after a Chaminade player after a good hard, but clean foul, on a breakaway dunk, was totally uncalled for, and if there had been video of the play, Vander might have found himself suspended for a game or two. Tavita's first technical might be excused by some coming after a collision near mid court, but the second, when he left the bench to " assist Vander", is inexcusabe, especially coming from a team captain. Credit Gib for flying off the bench to grab Tavita, and for his harsh words after the game. Its too bad that these two incidents marred an otherwise great game of basketball by two teams giving all they had.

So the Bows now have 5 wins against weak competition, two loses against very good teams, and the hard to expalin loss to Pepperdine. But now the competition takes a huge step up with Saturday's opening match against a good Miami(Fla) team followed, if they win, against a probable game against a top 7 team in Arizona. I will preview the entire tournament later this week and Jackson and I will do so as well tomorrow on Hoopstalk at 7 on ESPN 1420.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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4 Responses to “Fight Night on the Friendly Isle”

  1. masteruke:

    Seems like on one wants to participate on your site. Maybe its because of the competition
    UH has been playing. I just hope for UH's sake that they make a good showing in the up coming classic because after that its conference play. And the BW doesnt show any excitement

  2. BowforLife:

    Jeff, thanks for the insight. Too bad the game wasn't televised, but I did manage to catch the end of the radio broadcast. This team has been an enigma and has played incredibly well at times while turning in equally poor stretches. The UNLV game is a microcosm of their season thus far.

  3. jeff 1:

    thanks for the comments. I am somewhat disappointed i cant get more folks to weigh in. Maybe i need to be a little more " controversial". Or maybe folks just dont have all that much to say about UH basketball. Or maybe i need to give something away. But whatever, I know folks are reading the blog because of comments on the street, etc, and appreciate those of you who do provide your comments and thoughts. The " exhibition" season is over, and the real games begin this weekend. Once Conference play starts, I expect alot more interest in UH basketball and , hopefully, the blog.

  4. Doug:

    I enjoy reading your blog entries and appreciate your willingness to tell it like you see it on the broadcasts.

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