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Diamond Head Classic Contest- Win Big

December 20th, 2012

Do you think you have what it takes to pick the winners of each game in the Classic. If so, submit your entries below to win a 20 dollar gift certificate to both Big City Diner and Kiss My Grits. All you have to do is be the person who picks the most winners and if there is a tie, the person who comes closest to predicting the total points scored in the championship game will win.

Now for a few hints. Game 1 Ole Miss vrs Indiana State. Ole Miss comes in 8-1 having beaten Loyola Marymount last night. Indiana State is best known for having Larry Bird as its most famous alumni.

Game 2 pits San Diego State against WCC member Univ of San Francisco. The Aztecs come in having only lost their first game against Syracuse. USF is a 500 hundred team, but the last time they were here they beat Hawaii in the Riley Wallace Invitational.

Game three will feature tournament favorite Arizona against East Tenn State. East Tenessee has a losing record while the Wildcats are ranked just outside the top 5 having just beaten Florida by 1.

And Game 4 will feature our beloved Rainbow Warriors, fresh off their victory over Chaminade on Molokai, against ACC member, the University of Miami, who come to Hawaii with a single loss and a signature victory over Mich State. They are big and quick, with a very good guard, and I think it will be the most competitive game of Round 1. UH has a history of beating very good teams in the Xmas Tournament, like Pitts, Butler, Kansas, and last year, Xavier.

You can go with the favorites, but an upset or two would not be a shock. Remember you need to pick the winners of all 12 games, so after you make your first round picks, you need to pick the winners of the semifinal games, the championship game, along with the winners of the consolation games. So you will pick 12 winners all together. Every team will play three games. And dont forget the tiebreaker, the total score of the Championship game

Hope you will all play along. Minimum of 5 contestants necessary. Should be a great tournament.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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5 Responses to “Diamond Head Classic Contest- Win Big”

  1. lowtone123:

    First Round
    Game 1-Ole Miss over Ind St
    Game 2-SDSU over USF
    Game 3-Arizona over East Tenn St
    Game4-Hawaii over Miami
    Game 5-USF over Ind St
    Game 6-SDSU over Ole Miss
    Game 7-Miami over East Tenn St
    Game 8-Arizona over Hawaii
    Game 9-East Tenn St over Ind St
    Game 10-Miami over USF
    Game 11-Ole Miss over Hawaii
    Game 12-Arizona 78 over SDSU 75

  2. Curtis:

    Day #1:Miss> Ind. St., SDSt > USF, Zona > ETS, Miami > HI, ....day #2: USF > Ind.St, SDSt > Miss, HI> ETS, Zona > Miami, ...Christmas day ....Ind. St. > ETS, Miami > Miss, HI> SF, Zona > SDSt. Championship total 148. Aloha, Curtis.

  3. che:

    Day 1: Ole Miss over Indiana State
    San Diego St over USF
    Arizona over East Tenn St
    Miami over Hawaii

    Day 2: USF over Indiana St
    Hawaii over East Tenn St
    San Diego St over Ole Miss
    Arizona over Miami

    Day 3: Indiana St over East Tenn
    Hawaii over USF
    Miami over Ole Miss
    San Diego St over Arizona (total 135 points)

  4. Chicken Grease:

    First round
    • Ole Miss chops down that Indiana State Sycamore tree. 😉
    • San Diego St. beats Jim Leahy's beloved alma mater, Univ' of SF.
    • Arizona BEATS East Tenn' St. blue colored pirates.
    • MIAMI beats Hawaii.

    2nd round
    • Ole Miss beats San Diego
    • East Tennesee St. beats Hawaii
    • Arizona beats Miami
    • Indiana St. beats USF

    Christmas Day
    --> Basketball Warriors beat Indiana St.
    --> University of SF beat East Tenn' State
    --> Miami beats San Diego State
    --> Arizona beats Ole Miss

    Let a Grease know if he got anything wrong; but, I think I'm so right and nice. Thank you.

    Register my picks, Portnoy!!!!

  5. Chicken Grease:

    Oh, Arizona over Ole Miss final will be 89 (Ariz'), 72 (Ole Miss).

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