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January 4th, 2013

well, a three point win and an exciting 2 point win have the Rainbow Warriors tied for first place after the first two Conference games of the season. After Northridge lost at home to a poor Riverside team, that win doesnt seem so significant. But the last second win against Fullerton was one the Bows had to have.

As i have been writing all along, The Big West is a league dominated by small guards. Hawaii strength is and remains its frontcourt which towers over their Big West compeition. So for every turnover Hawaii has, for every steal, and for every point after tuurnover the opposition continues to create, Hawaii needs to answer with a dominating inside game. Witness last night's 29 point performance by Issac Fotu, with almost all of the baskets coming on uncontested 2 foot layups or dunks.

What remains an issue are the takeaways in the opencourt. Last night, both point guards had their pockets picked repeatedly ( 10 turnovers for Manroop and Tavita collectively). And poor free throw shooting will cost this team a win or two before the season is over. When the Bows get scoring from Jawato and Spearman, to go along with Standharginer's overall solid play, they will win more than they lose. But you have to be concerned with Brereton's poor play and Vander's inconsistant offense against much smaller opposition.

After tomorrow's game against Riverside, Hawaii should be 3-0 as they go out on the road. If you really want to predict how this team will do in the Conference, we will know alot more after next week's games. Not playing before the home folks, in small gyms, against teams who can shoot the ball at home and guards who can dominate the back-court, make the first two road games very significant. But you cant take anything away from a possible 3-0 start. Its been a long time since a Hawaii team started Conference play 3-0.

One thing that does concern me, however, is the quality of the league. Both Northridge and Fullerton's tallest frontcourt starter was 6-7, with the next tallest starter 6-4. These frontlines are hardly bigtime Div 1 , and although some of the Guards are quick, athletic and can score, they are short and slender and would be dominated by bigger backcourts. Its a little too early to draw any final conclusions, but one thing is certain, this is not the Mountain West ( you saw San Diego State and UNLV, and frankly, its not even last year's WAC ( New Mexico State, Nevada, Utah State, etc). But its where UH basketball is at the moment, and so the goal has to be to win the league or the Tournament. Lets see where we are after the first two road games. We know that there is no dominating team in the league, not after UH beat Fullerton and Long Beach suffered its first loss in just its second league game.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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9 Responses to “2-oh”

  1. rainbowbballer:

    Happy new year, Jeff Portnoy

    All good points, guards losing the ball, while bringing it into the offensive zone. Yes, our guards, definitely need improvement in ball handling and Manroop, must realize this is Division one speed. But the big point is that the Coach must dance with what he has, so what can the coach do?? How about having someone, Christian or Mr Fotu, help the guard in the transition, not losing the ball is more important than getting to the block. Cant score without the ball. but great game we won,and Jefferson on the last day look in control and the shot was in balance, and something the other guards dont do. Shamberger CAN.

  2. Curtis:

    So who won the contest for the certificates? Did you cancel it? Did we not have at least "5"? It's been 12 days. I would appreciate a reply, so I can toss my records. So who do we crown Che, Curtis, Chicken Grease, lowtoner 123 or Rainbowballer? Inquiring minds want to know. Thank you.

  3. Chicken Grease:

    Hear, hear, a Grease seconds rainbowbballer's "Happy New Year" wishes to you, Portnoy, and to all ya'll's b-ball fans.

    Man. Was overdue for a win like that. Gib and company gotta keep this feeling in mind. Visualize. Remember. Practice. Study. Focus. Live and breathe it as much as they -- and us fans -- can.

    Oh, OK, sorry for any over-mantra-isms, but, yeah, if the b-ball Warriors can keep up this positivity and level of play, whew, can we at least assume the Stan Sheriff will pack 'em in!

    Hate to put it this way, but, when the team has more than a few playing well vs. the mere prospect of a Vander? Hoooooo, gonna enjoy watching this team; you have the feeling that they can only but improve and that they believe in their skills, individually and collectively.

    Let 'em have their bowl games; we got a red-hot b-ball team (especially great in this weird weather 🙂 ).

  4. Chicken Grease:

    Heh, thanks for asking 'bout the results status, Curtis. Hats off to you. A Grease blew his predictions -- but, hear, hear, again, to Portnoy. Let us know, mannnnnnnnn!!!!

  5. Curtis:

    Thanks Chicken Grease, I follow you on the Warrior Beat. Aloha.

  6. T J:

    How come for the last 2 games can't get the Bobby Curan broadcast on the FM feed at the arena??????

  7. jeffp:

    curtis, i replied to an earilier email that you won. I need your email address to contact you re the certificates

  8. Chicken Grease:

    Hey!!!!! Congratulations, Curtis! 🙂

  9. Curtis:

    Thanks Doctor Portnoy and Chicken Grease. Hawaii is 3-0 and with two road wins they will be _____. Aloha.

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