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On the Road ( Again)?

January 8th, 2013

For only the second time this season, UH will play a road game. I doubt there is another program in the Country that got to the second week in Januray having played a single road game. That game was at UNLV, a loss to a solid team.

The Bows now go to Irvine tomorrow and Long Beach State Saturday. Irvine is 7-9 and 1-2 in the league coming off two road loses. They have wins over Nevada, Fresno, and USC, with loses to UCLA ( by a point), Pepperdine( on the road) and UNLV( a blow-out).

So fans, how do we think this team will fare on the road. Coming off three wins at home, the Bows are tied for the Conference lead with Cal Poly. But two of those wins were by a single possession, one against a Northridge team that went home and lost two games, one to a Riverside team that is simply not very good. The win against Fullerton was a quality win, even if took a prayer at the buzzer to win.

Uh will play before 1000 fans tomorrow in one the Big West band box gyms more suited to high school basketball. The last few years, the team has struggled on the road, but this team has several new players who have no history on the road. Its also a new league with much easier travel logistics. Irvine is 4-1 at home this year, but statistically these teams match up pretty well. Irvine's guards are not all that imposing, but they have a solid front line.

Uh needs to come out of this trip with a split if they want to continue to lead the pack, and I dont think the win will come at Long Beach. My guess is that irvine will be a slight favorite despite the respective records, simply because thet are playing at home. Hard to predict how the Bows will play as we have almost nothing to go on as to how this team will react to an away game. I see this game coming down to a few possessions, with a final score in the 60's. If UH can make their free throws, and minimize their turnovers, I like their chances ( i know, this is not much of a reach). If not, it could be disappointing start to the road season.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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  1. jeffp:

    By the way, the first official NCAA RPI ratings came out today and in the Big West, here's how it stacks up. Long Beach has the lowest RPI ( the best) at 114 followed by Pacific at 126 and Santa Barbara at 129. Northridge at 150, Cal Poly at 167 and Irvine at 186 are in the middle of all basketball schools. Fullerton is 228, followed by Hawaii at 232, davis at 258 and Riverside at 317. Somewhat surprising that Fullerton is so low, but it is based upon the quality of your opponets, their records, and road wins so Hawaii's bottom 1/3 RPI is understandable

  2. Chicken Grease:

    The very determined and definite way the b-ball Warriors won at home last time (whew! What a finish!!!!) gives a Grease -- as should us all 🙂 -- great hopes that they can win on the road. If they can focus, ignore the crowd, and keep doing the good things they do, well, we may be in for some fine wins on the road!

    Congrats again to Curtis for winning the recent Hoops Talk contest! When's the next contest, Mr. Portnoy. Increase the $$$ amount, too 🙂 .

  3. Curtis:

    Thanks once again to Doctor Portnoy and Chicken Grease and the Gang of 5. Root beer drinks on me. With a low RPI post season invitations will be slim. Aloha, Curtis.

  4. Seawalker:

    Nobody to blame but themselves for doing all these home games. It hurts you come tournament time and it does not gauge how good the team really is. Now we are all holding our okole maluna worrying about a winnable road game? Let's dance with some of the MWC teams with good records. Undefeated Wyoming... Surely Mr. Thompson could accommodate the football-only Warriors.

  5. Seawalker:

    The year was 1973/1974. Bruce O'Neil was the coach. Captain Tommy Henderson was the man. The team starts out 9 and 0. All the wins came at home. Next up, Missouri on the road. What happens next? The Rainbows get blown out.

    Even though the Rainbows went on to the NIT that season, it shows that playing games at home pads your record. Sorry, SSC does not stand for Stan Sheriff Crazies.

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