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Three For the Road

February 4th, 2013

For the first time in several seasons, UH has won three consecutive road games. After getting its butt kicked at Cal Poly, The Bows have come back to defeat Santa Barbara, Riverside and Fullerton. The wins at Santa Barbara and Riverside were not unexpected, but the comeback win at Fullerton was impressive.

Standhardinger continues to play very well ( the Big West player of the Week), and Tavita has secured the point guard position with solid play after weeks of experimenting with poorer alternatives. He still doesnt provide much offense, but his assists to turn over ratio continues to improve. My comments about Vander generated some responses, and yes he had two solid halves last week, but i expect more from him ( like two consecutive good halves, especially against these smaller teams).

One thing is becomming fairly evident. If UH's opponents make threes, UH probably losses. If they shoot 25 percent, UH wins.

Long Beach comes in here Thurs with a deceiving 9-1 record. Several of the wins have been by a bucket or two, including some at home, and Riverside took them into overtime. UH only lost by 4 there, and this game will go along way in seeing whether UH can challenge for the regular league championship. UH sits in third, and has 4 home games left with only three on the road ( all tough now that Northridge is turning things around). But i like the Bows chances this weekend. They have shown a resiliency and toughness all season, and the two road wins last week, coming back from double digit second half deficits, suggests that it has worked out the problems that plauged it in early to mid january, and has positioned the BOWS to make a run in finishing in the top 3 going into the Tournament. Should be a good crowd Thursday in a game with major implications.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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4 Responses to “Three For the Road”

  1. Curtis:

    Probability of Hawaii going 2-0 this week is at 25 %. If the team loses on Thursday the regular season title is gone. If they win on Thursday ( which I expect in a blow out) but lose on Saturday the regular season is gone. So play with your backs against the wall and show that Hawaii can contend for the crown. Doctor Basketball, I will stop by to pick up my certficates Thursday. Email me if it's not possible. Aloha, Curtis.

  2. Curtis:

    Thanks for the Big City Diner certificate. Maybe some legal work to change the culture of ushers at the arena. maybe not worth my time or yours. I donated $$$$ to the university ask me if I will ever do that again? Two guesses. Aloha.

  3. K-Bay:

    O.K. --

    Previous Hottest Topic -- Watching that NBA-Looking Team: LBSU -- There WILL BE a couple of Those Players in The NBA Soon -- AND Watching Hawai'i SCHOOL THEM To a New Level of Understanding TEAM Ball and Intensity was both Awesome AND Fun -- All Frustration Included -- ALSO Second Half Seeing the UH Team Continuing to Improve in Handling the Pressure and Press -- The HIGH Number of Steals and Turnovers were partly due to some of the More Inexperienced 'Bows still Not Sealing their man or Beating their man to the Ball - NOT Necessarily Bad Passes -- Learning All That takes some Time -- but it's Fewer Guys and Fewer MISTAKES -- A LOT Of that WAS LBSU Really Playing Hard and Athletic... AND Hawai'i was Continuing to Improve Visibly Even Right There in The Game -- Them WINNING the Last Eight Minutes or So to Seal It AND DEFEAT LBSU Cleanly -- i suspect we might Never See LBSU NOT Ready to Play 40+ Again -- DOWN 33? Monson Will Not ever let His Team Forget it ...

    What a Difference Two Weeks can make -- WE WERE the Ones Down 30 versus #4 Cal-Poly just two weeks ago on the road -- AND NOW the "Other (Tied) #4" UC-IRVINE Comes to town -- PACK The Sheriff Center Fans IF You Know Anything 'bout Good Exciting Basketball -- The Students and Team have Pumped Up that Arena so even 6,000 is Loud and Impressive....What CAN 8-9000 Sound Like with Student Amplification -- WE GOT TO Get an Extension/Renewal for Coach Jamie's English VISA...

    i HAVE Revised My Opinion to Understand that LBSU, maybe Cal-Poly, Santa Barbara, Pacific, AND HAWAI'I CAN have The Big West UP TO a Two or Three Bid Conference even As Soon As Next year -- As Long as Teams like LBSU, UH and MORE are willing to Play and Beat The Big Boys (Miami, Ole Miss, UNLV, Arizona, SDSU, Illinois, etc. AND All those LBSU Foes -- The OPPORTUNITY Was Already there THIS YEAR -- We Just Need to Step US UP; and it looked to me like LBSU WILL Be Better Earlier Next Year and I'm Betting Hawai'i As Well...AND When Hawai'i IS One of The BIG Fish in the Little Big West Pond -- IT CAN Earn a Bid to The Dance and NOT Just be an NIT/CIT Spring Hop/Dance Mountain West Consolation Attendee...

    ... AND THEY STILL GOT TO FIX the Damn RPI -- NO CREDIT For PLAYING A Tough Schedule -- Hawai'i's NUMBER SHOULD BE Closer to LBSU's ... IF ALL were Mathematically Equal or "Fair" AND MORE Credit should be Given for Teams having The GUTS to Schedule "Optional" Games Against GOOD Teams -- They Shouldn't Get "TRIPLE CREDIT" For Conference Games which they have NO Control over scheduling (Who You Beat, Who Your Opponents Beat and Who Your Opponents Opponents Beat)...

  4. jeffp:

    curtis, sorry about the ushers and police. i still owe you another certificate

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