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A Surprising, some would say, Shocking Defeat

February 15th, 2013

Last night's blow out loss to Davis was surprising to some, shocking to others. Its not the defeat itself that was so disappointing, its the margin of victory and the way it happened that has many shaking their heads.

First, Davis has one of the worst home records in the Big West, under 500. Second, the much smaller Davis team totally dominated the Rainbows ( oh i'm sorry, the Warriors) in the paint. Davis had 17, yes that's right; 17 offensive rebounds, outrebounded Hawaii by 9, and outscored Hawaii in the paint. Sorry folks, but that's not acceptable. Its a sign of lack of effort and hustle, something that team has not been known for.

Standhardinger, the Big West Player of the Week for the past two weeks, must have reading his press clippings as he had a horrible game, 6 points to go with 5 turnovers. And Vander not only got a technical , but scored only 8 points and had 2, yes that's right, 2, rebounds. Fotu was agin missing in action on the road with 2 points and 2 rebounds in 13 minutes. And once again, Hawaii could not defend the three as Davis made 11-19, following up on their extraordinary three point shooting in their win against Hawaii here last month.

So the loss means that Hawaii drops into third place, just percentage points behind tomorrow's night opponent, Pacific, but more importantly, now another half game behind first place Long Beach, and unlikely to catch the 49ers. Tomorrow night's game against Pacific will not be easy. They are very well coached, disciplined, and can make the thrree. Hawaii beat them by 8 here when Pacific shot 3-27 from beyond the Arc, something not likley to be repeated at home. They also very tough to beat there. But its a big game, with second place on the line, and we will see if the Warriors can suck it up and rebound from their second worst defeat in Conference ( score-wise).

Its crunch time for Hawaii as they fight to finish in the top three in Conference. We will see if they are up to it.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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5 Responses to “A Surprising, some would say, Shocking Defeat”

  1. hon2255:

    Warriors need to put a gameface on for a change today and show up. The three big guys were horrible on thursday, unacceptable. Warrior die hards are getting frustrated, come on team, man up and play hard all 40 minutes!!!

  2. T J:

    to get paid $344 thousand a year IS NOT acceptable! Can't recruit nor coach!

  3. K-Bay:

    Still Good Prospects for an Upper Half (#2 - #4) Finish:

    UH - All Three Remaining BW Games Winnable (One on Road vs #9 CSUN);

    VS The Competition:
    - Pacific has 4 of last 6 on road, with one home game vs LBSU;
    - Cal Poly, has 3 at home and 3 on road (including @ Hawaii);
    - Irvine has 3 on the road and 2 at home (incl. Pacific & LBSU);
    - Davis has 3 at home and 3 on road, (incl TWO VS LBSU);

    Agree NEED to get a better Handle on ROAD Prep & Travel;
    NEED to Understand "Rainbow Wahine" Practice, Prep & Travel Approach;
    They "Expect" and usually do, play well On The Road and at home.
    Men NOT There, Yet...
    (P.S. Glad Na Wahine get to Keep the UNIQUE Team Name...)

  4. Curtis:

    A blowout win tonight against NAU, Next conference games are also "exhibitions" by that I mean we are only playing for seeding. and when the Big West tournament comes around I put Hawaii's chances of winning three in a row at 12%. See you pregame Thursday, my last home game. Aloha, C.

  5. K-Bay:

    Curtis -- i'd put Hawai'i's chances @ maybe 18-21% for BW Tourney Three-Game Wins: Neutral Court 60-70% first two games and 50-50 if they make it to Championship -- they'll probably be improving and brimming with Confidence and Momentum IF they Win Twice on the Neutral Anaheim Court...

    While NAU was destined to ineffectiveness without their point guard, the UH on-ball and perimeter defense, even the Bigs, like Standhardinger and Fotu looked significantly improved -- i think it IS Smart to #1 Attempt to Shut Down the Three (In the BW) and let the remaining Bigs behind you challenge anyone trying to get to the basket -- EIGHT Blocks and many More "Alters" is a Good Trend that in hindsight, is overdue... GOOD Adjustments that should serve them better the rest of the way...

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