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while i was gone

February 25th, 2013

i was cruising around the island last week. While i was gone, several interesting things happened to UH basketball.

First, they lost two road games at Pacific and Davis. Those loses eliminated any chance that UH could win the Conference, so the NIT is out. The losses emphasized the porblems the Bows have had with teams that play smart, have solid guard play, can hit the three, and can neutralize Hawaii's inside game with patient ball control.

Second, they lose Spearman, probably for the season. This is a big loss, as he has been one the most consistant Rainbows. He can penetrate, hit the occasional outside shot, and can play some defense. Without him, look for Fotu to move into the strating line-up as UH will play big the rest of the way.

Long Beach has clinched at least a tie for the regular season championship. They need one more win or one Pacific loss to win it outright, and either of these is very likley. But i still done think they will win the Conference Tournament. They are too inconsistant, and play without much court smarts. Their loss this weekend at home in the bracket buster to Stephen Austin proves that even if they make it to the big dance, they will be lucky to be seeded any higher than 14.

Third, Hawaii took it to an outclassed Northern Arizona team in our bracketbuster game. It is the very last bracklet buster game ever, thank goodness. I guess this meaningless game turned out to be important to UH as it gave Gib a chance to experiment with new line-ups in light of Spearman's injury, but the Lumberjacks are a poor team made even poorer with the absence of their pointguard who was out with an injury.

Looking at the last two weeks of the regular season, Uh stands a half game behind Pacific for second place, and is tied with UC Irvine for third, with Cal Poly and Davis right behind. Based upon the remaining games, I like the Bows chances of finishing no worse than third with a real chance to tie for second. Two home games this week. one against a weak Santa Barbara team that might not even qualify for the Big West Tournament, and then Senior night against Cal Poly, a team that destroyed UH at home, but really struggles on the road, followed by the final game at Northridge, also fighting to make the Tournament, along with road games for Irvine and Davis, make UH's chances for a top three finish very likely. Of course, if you are Coach Gib, you want to finish second so your contract gets rolled over.

Finally, the student participation continues to amaze. Star wars night brought out several hundred students and their enthusiasm is contageous. Kudos to everyone involved in bringing a real college atmosphere to the Arena.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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4 Responses to “while i was gone”

  1. Curtis:

    While you were away....you went cruising. Which island? And what do you think about Argo? Inquiring minds want to know. And can the 'Bows win three more plus one in the tournament to get to a magic number to qualify for a post season run. Or do they flame out when they match up against Mr. Hawkins and be a one and done. What say you? See you on Thursday. Aloha, C.

  2. Warrior Dave:

    Conference champ is guaranteed a NIT bid. But are you also saying that UH has no chance at an at large NIT bid? That's troublesome to me. We may have 18 wins before tourney time.

  3. jeffp:

    sorry Warrior Dave, not with our poor RPI and SOS. Blame the league and nonconference schedule, not me. Maybe a chance for the Riley Wallace Invitational

  4. K-Bay:

    I think NIT "History with Hawaiʻi" has "Always" Drawn Good TV Ratings and National ʻFascinationʻ Interest...
    While iʻm pretty sure your Intel is well-founded...
    i think BJay & Co. should be pushing & campaigning...

    How ʻBout a Hoops Talk "Grand Prize" BW Tourney Trip for Two to Anaheim!!
    (Write Off Donation!)

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