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Big West Tournament Contest

February 27th, 2013

yes, i know the Tournament is still two weeks away,but its time for another really big contest on the blog and on Hoopstalk. Here are the rules. You are to pick how many games you think UH will win in the Tournament ( 1, 2 or 3). Then you need to pick the total points the Rainbows will score ( so if you pick one game, you would pick 60 or 70 or 80 points; if you pick two games, then the total for two games, etc). The winner will be the person who picks the right number of games and comes closest to the total score without going over.

Prizes? who knows. At least dining certificates to Big City Diner, Dave and Busters, and Kiss My Grits for at least 75 dollars. The contest will remain open until two weeks from today and will include not only folks who enter here, but also on the radio show for the next three weeks. You can enter up to three times by the end of the show on march 13th. You may want to wait until UH's seeding is known, but why wait . Once a point total is selected, it may not be duplicated ( so no ties).

If you are trying to fiqure out where hawaii may end up when the season ends a week from saturday, my best guess is anywhere from 2 to 4th. Dont forget, teams will reseeded after round 1 of the tournament depending on who wins.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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16 Responses to “Big West Tournament Contest”

  1. K-Bay:

    O.K. First In...
    I'll Only "Want" to WIN on their (UH's) Account
    IF they get to WIN Too (Also)...

    UH THREE BW Tourney WINS, Scoring 232 Points...

    GO 'Bows!
    WIN Warriors !
    Back to The Dance...
    Write Your Own Invitation!

    Support the Team & Seniors
    PACK the House This Week
    Show Up EARLY to also Cheer On Na Wahine

  2. masa:

    Three Wins 207 points

  3. Darin:

    My guess is the UH will win two games and the total points scored is 138. Thanks for doing this contest guys!

  4. jeffp:

    by the way, so its clear, you could pick no wins with points for a single game, although i wouldnt

  5. Aaron:

    2 wins, 128 points

  6. H50Fan808:

    2 wins, 135 points

  7. jeffp:

    aaron, just to help you, if they win two, that means they play three games so your point total is low

  8. Orioles 4 eva.:

    If the Rainbow warriors get the second seed they would only play two games, so a point total of 128 is quite possible. If one of the teams is Long Beach then Hawaii should end up with a point total of 143. So my first guess is two wins and a point total of 143.

  9. jeffp:

    not so on the men's side. all 8 teams play on friday. two teams do not qualify

  10. jeffp:

    sorry that's all 8 teams play on thursday

  11. pakegolf:

    The Rainbow Warriors are on a roll....
    3 wins / 222 points

  12. K-Bay:

    Jeff -- Good of You to help keep contestants' logic reasonable... The BW has got many of the Hawai'i Newbies confused what with different rules for men's & women's tourneys...Is That Equality?

    SECOND Entry -- Hedged Bet: TWO WINS scoring 222 points (in three games)...

  13. primo123:

    two wins

    139 points

  14. H50Fan808:

    UH will win 1 game, 68 points

  15. azulie:

    entry 1- zero wins 59 points
    entry 2- one win 124 points
    entry 3- two wins 190 points

  16. primo123:


    UH will win 1 game and score 135 points in two games.

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