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a really tough loss

March 4th, 2013

Saturday night's home loss on senior night to Cal Poly was a real disappointment to the 9000 or so fans who showed up for the Bows final home game ( unless they get an invite and pay the fee to play in the Riley Wallace Invitational). Along with Pacific's last second win at Riverside, Hawaii's loss eliminated any chance of finishing in second, and as things stand now, they are in 5th place with a chance to finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th.

Its not going to make much difference since the other three teams in the mix are UC Irvine, UC Davis, and Cal Poly, all teams that defeated Hawaii on the road, with Davis and Cal Poly sweeping the season series with the Bows. If i had to pick who i think Hawaii matches up best against in Round 1, its Irvine.

The game Saturday exposed once again Hawaii's difficulites in beating teams that play disciplined basketball. They were again outrebounded by a smaller team, and allowed way too many uncontested threes. Interestingly, Cal Poly, who had won only three road games all year, decided to defend Hawaii out at the three point line, giving the Hawaii bigmen ( Vander and Issac) free reign inside. Hawaii struggled to make any perimeter shots until the final minutes when Tavita hit two threes.

The final sequence was certainly deflating. Hawaii was down three after a spirited comback from 12 down with under 5 minutes to play when Hans missed a three with about 11 seconds left, Cal Poly was fouled on the rebound. They missed the frontend of a 1 and 1, but outhustled UH for the rebound and again Hawaii fouled sending a 90 percent free throw shooter to the line. He missed, and with just about 7 seconds left, Hawaii grabbed the rebound and headed up court. The Bows had one final time out but decided not to use it, and a swarming Cal Poly defense kept Tavita from getting off a shot forcing him to pass to Jawato who had to dribble completely around the peremiter before getting off a weak three that was too late and never came close to the basket anyway.

Thursday night, Hawaii plays its final regular season game on the road at Northridge. The Matadors have nothing to play for as they are essentially eliminated from the Tournament, but it will be their Senior night. For Hawaii, it really turns out to be a relatively meaningless game, although i am sure Gib would like to go into the Tournament on a one game winning streak.

I will joining Bobby in Anaheim for both the Men and Women's games. Both teams have a chance to do some damage. As i have said many times during the past few weeks, I would not be shocked if Hawaii wins the Tournament nor will i be surprised if Hawaii loses in the first Round ( disappointed yes). The league is that balanced.

Dont forget the contest. great prizes if you pick the number of games the men will win at the tournament ( 0 to 3) and the total points Hawaii will score ( without going over). And forget Hoopstalk weds at 7 on ESPN 1420. For contest rules go back two blogs ago.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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7 Responses to “a really tough loss”

  1. innocent observer:

    hawaii will not win a tournament game and will score only 57 points.

  2. masa:

    Win 1 game and score total of 120 points

  3. Isaac:

    Hawaii will win 3 games and score 206 pts

  4. rocky:

    The MBB team needs to play great defense if they wish to succeed here on into the tournament. I believe they can do it against either of the three you mention above. It takes a lot of effort to play defense. Go Warriors!!!! and best of luck in California.

  5. K-Bay:

    Should do one for Na Wahine (o.k., Ben, Rainbow Wahine), too...

    HOPE The "Better/Best" 'Bows Team shows up for the Rest of the Road/Tourney Games...

  6. Hoosier:

    Gib is up against the wall now. According to his contract he needs to win the tournament or at least reach the final of the tournament. That is a tall order. Good kids but still middle of the pack in the Big West. Think about that. Do Shamburger, Dressler, Valdez and the incoming recruits suddenly make this team a clear cut favorite in the Big West? Proof is in the pudding. We will see next year. Ben Jay has tough decision if Gib is looking at another 18-13 or 17-14 season, especially against what should be a favorable schedule. Fans are patient but want to get back where UH is at the top of the league and competing with quality teams. Second year recruiting class that washed out has left Gib in a difficult situation. Jefferson and Jawato hustle and are good kids but they are not top echelon D1 players. I hope Roop puts on some weight and spends every day in the gym during the off season. Get Ozzie in the weight room and hope he is a gym rat with Clair. Potential is there but they need to do it when the lights come on. Rest of this season and next will be interesting if nothing else.

  7. lowtone123:

    Zero wins, 63 points.

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