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Missing Goals ?

March 8th, 2013

well with last night's loss to 9th place Northridge, the regular season has come to a disappointing close. Hawaii will finish either 5th or 6th depending on how Davis does tomorrow night against Irvine. Its Conference record is 10-8 in what, in my opinion, and the opinion of most observers, was a down year for the Conference, a Conference that lets be frank, was fairly weak. Hawaii ends the regular season with 17 wins ( 16 against Div 1 opponents) and 13 losses. It had a one really good win, against Long Beach, but lost to all the other solid basketball programs like Illinois( yes in overtime), UNLV, Miami, and Old Miss. It won three on the road, but those were against the bottom feeders in the league ( teams finishing 7,8, and last).

The team had been picked to finish either 2nd or 3rd pre-season so that goal was missed. I would guess another goal was 20 wins and a post season berth, but unless they win the Tournament or UH ponies up lots of cash to play in the Riley Wallace Invitational, those goals will be missed.

Were there positives. Of course. First student attendance was way up and the atmosphere at home games was big time thanks to those students. Issac Fotu showed that by the time he leaves UH ( hopefully in three more years), he will be the player of the year in the Big West ( if Hawaii is still playing basketball in that Conference). After a rough start, Jace proved to be a solid pointguard as his assist to turnover ratio was excellent. Standhardinger was the team's leading scorer at almost 16 points a game, and I believe will make the Big West first team. Vander ended the regular season with a 14 point, 8.5 rebound stat line, but in my opinion, did not have the year expected after his performance last year in a much tougher conference in a league this year, where he towered over his opponents most nights . Hans had an up and down year, starting well and ending strong after a mid season slump.

So now the Bows enter the Tournament as either the 5th or 6th seed and will play either Cal Poly ( oh no), Irvine or Pacific. Hawaii beat Irvine here and played them tough on the road. Hawaii beat Pacific here on Pacific's worst three point shooting night, and lost to them on the road on the night Spearman got injured. I will give you my tournament prediction next week, but one thing is certain, Hawaii's ultimate goal is still within reach. That is to win the Tournament and go to the Big Dance. If that happens, nobody will care about the missed goals.

Your opinions on the regular season are requested. Differing opinions are welcome. And dont forget the contest which closes on Weds of next week. You now have a better idea of the seedings and possible opponents. This team , if it plays the way it did against Long Beach both times, can win it all. If it struggles to score from outside and cant defend the three, it could go down early. Cant wait for the third season ( the Tournament) to begin

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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12 Responses to “Missing Goals ?”

  1. hoosier:

    So what happened to improving from November to March? I can't honestly say they have improved. Do they play hard? Yes, for the most part. But to lose to Northridge? 10-8 in the Big West? Seriously? Defense is woeful. Perimeter offense is nonexistent. Freshmen recruiting class hasn't seen significant minutes in ages. Why? Not good enough to compete? Northridge youngsters seemed to do well last night. Gib is now looking at 19-13, 16-16, and I believe loss in round 1 of the BW tourney leaves him at 17-14 (with a schedule that is a bottom feeder as far as RPI). Questions abound for next year's team. Where does the athleticism, defense, perimeter offense, come from? If the goal is building a .500 ball club then mission accomplished. If the goal is competing for championships (as it used to be) then it is time for Gib to step it up. He may not have a lot of time left to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

  2. K-Bay:

    NEED Decent Tournament Showing -- One or Two Wins Minimum OR itʻs pretty much back-to-back seasons of late-confernce play collapses losing four or five out of last five regular season games -- over-worked legs? Good Coaches have a sense for their playersʻ fatigue/energy levels -- last night, and maybe some others, seemed Winnable... (Opportunity for Immediate Improvement?) ...A Little Less Wear & Tear in Practice? A Little More Bench Relief to re-set or re-energize tired legs? 40 Minutes of Serious Defense including Shutting Down Top Two or Three Scoring Stars instead of Offering Up Career Performances?...

    LOOKING for Continued Improvement ...

    Next Week...

    Next Year ... Including (A Year After Last Off-Seasonʻs Re-Boot) More Challenging Scheduling...
    and Team Performance to Match OR Overcome..

  3. Kahaluu Kid:

    Warriors will not win any tournament game and score 61 points.

  4. hon2255:

    I am very disappointed with the season outcome so far, our losses are mounting at the time in the season that we should be peaking, same thing like last season. Two wins in the tournament may help us get a CIT bid and thats about it. We need better athletes to come in and play if we want to get to a better conference, just being medicocre in a crappy Big West conference playing in high school gyms is not going to cut it for our program especially when Gib is making the highest salary for Big West coaches. We need another point guard,and a true scorer that can shoot lights out off the dribble and penetrate as well. Just having Shamburger will not be enough, injuries and other maladies as a D1 student always come up , you never know. Gib has to produce next year, that's what is needed if he wants an extension, we need to get to post season Ncaa or Nit, four years will be enough time to acertain that goal.

  5. Seawalker:

    After the close Illini loss, thought the team stood a chance to win 20 games this season. The talent-level of the team is sub-par. The good teams of the Wallace-era would knock off the upper-half teams in the conference on any given night. It would be a major upset if Hawaii makes it past the tournament championship. Then what? Get seeded 14 and get our butts whooped? Come on, don't bust my chops!

  6. hoosier:

    Still waiting for that recruiting golden touch that was so touted at the time Gib was brought on. Next year will tell the tale. All his guys with a year or so under their belt, redshirts with a year of practice and scout team involvement. So we will see how golden that recruiting touch is next year. Time to step up for everyone.

  7. hanapepe:

    Remember when Red Rocha had great teams and with one mediocre season he was canned. Gib doesn't seem to put the right pieces together. Will we ever see a team that can make the fans happy?

  8. Kris:

    Think these past few games showed how valuable Spearman is. Things I like about them are; they are unselfish, potential to put a number up on anyone, they are a more traditional team(I don't really like what the 3 point shot has done to the game.) What I don't like are mostly individual characteristics that I see: Would like to see Sanhardinger dunk when wide open (he missed 1 bunny last night, i was listening on the radio and didn't see it), Hauns is still tentative, when open, feet set, take the 3 instead of moving closer, Vander continues to hold the ball for too long in the post, watch the wahine, that is how it's supposed to be done. Jace is still too tentative, Manroop is far from being a D-1 guard, he tries and seems to have a good attitude though, Ozzie is another one who has to take the shot when open, feet set, all too often he looks like Hauns II. Got a give a pass to the frosh though. They will be better in time.

  9. clyde:

    For the record: Hawaii was picked to finish fourth in the Big West, a scant three points ahead of UCSB. That being said, can't disagree with what most have to say here. I highly doubt they'll do it, but if Hawaii manages to win the BW Tournament and get into the NCAAs, who cares what happens after that? It'll be a major step forward in this new conference. How many other NCAA appearances has the program made? Three? Not sure, but it's never gotten past the first round, anyway.

  10. clyde:

    By the way, Jeff: Is an Old Miss the same as an Old Maid? (sorry, couldn't resist).

  11. Curtis:

    Good evening..., I looked at their entire schedule wins against N.Arizona (thanks ESPN), E.Tenn. State, Maryland Eastern Shore, Houston Baptist and what we were watching this past season was basically an average team playing in a mediocre conference. Meh. Nevertheless it would be great to go 3-0. But all 8 teams in the field are suffering delusions of "hope springs eternal" during the spring month of March, with 7 teams to go home disappointed. My first entry: Zero wins and the Rainbows scoring 66 points. If by chance they win their first game...My second entry: One win against UC Irvine and one loss ( total 135 points ). I will get my crystal ball and let you know more. Aloha, C.

  12. Curtis:

    With the recent rain, my crystal ball is cloudy... I predict that a California school will win the Big West tournament. At most Hawaii gets to the championship game with 2 wins and a total of 188 points. Still when there's rain and a little ray of light...rainbows shine. Those are my picks Zero, one and two. Good luck everyone. See you at the Big dance. Aloha, C.

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