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UC Irvine again?

March 19th, 2013

Dont be surprised if UH beats Air Force tomorrow night that it gets a rematch of its first round loss last Thursday night against UC Irvine right here at the Stan Sherrif Center Saturday night. Riley's CIT is losing teams in the West left and right, and Irvine is at home tomorrow night against High Point, a small school in North Carolina flying cross country to lose. Cal Poly plays at Weber State and my guess is that the winner of that game ( probably Weber) will host Air Force if it beats Hawaii, and that if UH wins its first two games, it will play its third round game at Weber State.

Meanwhile, the NCAA got underway tonight with St. Mary's winning easily against Middle Tenessee. The Gaels next play Memphis and a 11 upset of a 6 is not out of the question. Does this win give us a hint as to how good Gonzaga is since they beat St. Mary's three times? Congratulations to former UH assistant Eran Ganot who is now an assistant at St. Mary's,

Lots of interesting press about why and how Hawaii wound up in the CIT. Not sure what the real facts are, but it appears the big winner is Coach Arnold who is in line for a nice bonus for post season play and another chance to win 20 games, which means an automatic contract extension. Also not sure exactly what it will cost Hawaii to host either one or two games, but it looks like somewhere between 50 and 100,000 dollars. Lets hope the attendance exceeds 5,000 paid so UH doesnt lose money on this pay to play tournament.

Looks like the annual NCAA bracket contest will not have enough players this year. Too bad. Lots of fun and great prizes, but we have until 5 am Thursday to see if we can get at least ten entrants. The rules are in yesterday's bolg

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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8 Responses to “UC Irvine again?”

  1. Curtis:

    Let's get this party started. Elite 8: Louiville, Duke,... Gonzaga, Ohio St....Kansas, Florida...Indiana, Miami........Final 4....Duke, Ohio St, Florida, Indiana........Championship game Duke v. Indy....... and the Blue Devils cut down the nets. Total...145. Aloha.

  2. Dahitman:

    Elite 8: St. Louis, Michigan St, Gonzaga, New Mexico, Kansas, Florida, UNLV, Miami
    Final Four: St. Louis, Gonzaga, Kansas, Miami
    Championship Game: St. Louis, Miami
    Winner: St. Louis
    Total Points: 121

  3. Manoa Mist:

    If UH loses money on this BS CIT tournament, the money should come out of Ben Jay's pocket. Why do we lower ourselves to play in these pretend tournaments with High Point and Chicago State, which is 10 games under .500 for goodness sake. Worst of all, we pay Gib more to do it! What a mess. Tell you what. If you fall behind by 22 in the first half of your first game of your weak azz conference tournament, the season should be pau. Period.

  4. Brandon M:

    Elite 8: Louisville V. Michigan State; Wisconsin V. Ohio State; Kansas V. Georgetown; Indiana V. Miami.

    Final 4: Louisville V. Ohio State; Georgetown V. Indiana.

    National Championship: Louisville V. Indiana

    Winner: Indiana Total Points: 148

  5. JBK:

    Finally March is here.
    Elite 8: Louisville, Mich, Gonzaga, Ohio, Kansas, Fla, Indiana, Marquette.
    Final Four: Louisville, Ohio, Kansas, Indiana
    Championship: Louisville, Indiana
    Winner: Indiana, Points: 140

  6. jeffp:

    oh well i tried. not enough interest in contest.maybe next year

  7. Curtis:

    Thanks buddy. Census in Hawaii approx. 1.3 million, # of entries in March madness' Hoopstalk's blog # of entries...3. A "reel" tournament, everyone has gone fishing...Thanks once again. By the way...do you know the way to San Jose? Syracuse to do some damage. See ya next year. Aloha.

  8. Doug:

    Thanks for your interesting blog posts. Hope you will continue them!

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