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One very wrong thing in college basketball

April 3rd, 2013

The latest UCLA hiring of Steve Alford again shows the hypocrisy in college sports. Alford was, until a few days ago, the " lifetime coach" of New Mexico, After winning the Mountain West and a number three seed in the Tournment, he managed to lead his team to a defeat by Harvard in the first round. As a reward, he was offered, and he accepted, a ten year extension on his contract. He signed a letter of intent, but before he actually signed his new contract, he accepted the UCLA job ( a graveyard for coaches).

I guess his word means nothing, either to his school, or his players. Money talks, even at a school which has been in the basketball news more for off the court issues lately than on the court.

But the real problem is with the NCAA. Why? Because, even when a coach picks up and leaves, the players cant, unless they agree to sit out a year. So the player is stuck playing for a coach who did not recruit him. I thought slavery ended 150 years ago. I guess not in college sports.

The NCAA and the college presidents should recognize that there is little loyalty in big time college sports ( yes there is the occasional Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens), and allow players to transfer without any penalty when their coach abandons them for more money and " fame". For Alford, and UCLA, his time will come after a few seasons of not making the Final Four. For the players, their time has certainly come to unleash the shackles of being an indentured servant

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “One very wrong thing in college basketball”

  1. kimo browner:

    It's not all NCAA--throw in free enterprise for the head coach. However, your point is well taken on the players recruited by the departing coach that are left high and dry. Good luck with the NCAA being sympathetic to the players.

  2. 808WarriorFan:

    The same goes for football...UH QB/Taylor Graham wasn't recruited by Urban Meyer but had to sit out a year at UH for transferring. Oh well he got to learn the players and system so that should be a huge help in '13

    Go 'Bows...oops...I mean Warriors

  3. K-Bay:

    Theyʻre Transferring Any Way...
    NCAA ʻshouldʻ Allow Sat. Academic Progress Students to Transfer without sitting out...

  4. UHAlum91:

    When it comes to the mighty $, it's all about how much money the colleges will make for the NCAA. The schools with bigger budget will get the "big name" coaches and better recruits, which in turn, increases almuni sponsorship. It's a vicious cycle, but the student-athletes are just the pawns in this game. Sure, they get a "free education" for their "services," but only a small percent get to continue their career in professional sports. Hopefully, the smart ones will utilize the education they received to help prepare them for life after college athletics. NCAA would care less if a school loses its coach to another school.

  5. Curtis:

    Hey buddy, are you really there in Atlanta? Or jus' pretending to be there and watching the game on TV like all the rest of us "poor" folks. So you need to do something outrageous if you are there like "streak" in your underwear at halftime on national television. Or go to Pitino's press conference and ask him "If he ever spent any time in Hawaii?" And if so, why isn't it on his resume? And if he knows of any good car deals? And if he has done any "under the table" deals, lately? My bracket is busted cause I chose Duke. Good luck to all in their final 4 picks. Have fun. Aloha, C. P.S.- Hey, bring back a "break a leg" T-shirt, somehow I think there's a NCAA violation in there, somewhere.

  6. K-Bay:

    Just Thinking Out Loud...

    Right Now Players get 5 years to play 4

    Maybe for their "Second" Transfer, Still Require sit out year, unless releasing school signs off, good for both, Trades? IF No signoff and required to sit out a year, allow athlete to Automatically ADD Sixth Season (Six to Play 4) -- THIS should support player development And Graduation...

    Enjoy the Final Four --
    Hope ALL the Games are Down-to-the-Wire Great...

    Hereʻs a (repeated) thought
    Maybe Gib can recruit for himself, Both Another SUPER-Recruiter AND Game COACH;
    Like the Next Jamie Dixon or Rick Pitino (or Riley Wallace? Bill Self? Monson?) who Eventually Wants to Run the Hawaiʻi Program...
    as His Ultimate Destination -- THAT Would help Kick UH into High Gear....

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