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crushed orange

April 6th, 2013

michigan is having little trouble solving the Syracuse zone at halftime. The Wolverines have 4 threes off the bench, some from beyond NBA distance. Meanwhile Syracuse has no points from James Southerland and one bucket from Carter-Williams. Although Louisville made up a double digit deficeit in the first game, Syracuse's zone and weak offense does not have the msake-up power of the Cardinals. Never say never, but the fat lady is warming up

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7 Responses to “crushed orange”

  1. nanakuli:

    Michigan vs Louivllle!!! Who will win JP?

  2. Jjay:

    Any gib Arnold sightings?

  3. James:

    Nice spelling. What's deficeit and msake? You are an attorney correct? Proofread much?

  4. K-Bay:

    WHY is Boeheim So Overly-Sensitive?
    A Simple "I'm not going to Validate that "Stupid" (Optional) Question with an Answer" would suffice...
    OR Chastise the 'Intrepid' or Trouble-Making Reporter with a simple,
    "IF You want quotes from me in the future, you better show up prepared to ask better questions..."

    i think the "ONLY" Final Four Coaches who need to worry 'bout getting fired used to (or in the future) work for UCLA... or maybe Kansas, Ohio State; Anyplace who thinks they're actually "Better" (WHY?) than they are...

    BUT i think Teams like FGCU & Wichita should have already informed the "Old Powers" with Old Money that The Landscape has already opened up....

    MEANWHILE The SEC & BCS Keep Row, Row, Rowing against The Tide...
    Eventually the Money WILL Shift there, too...
    Seeking its Own Level...

    WHO will be The Next Surprises?


    Monday, i suspect Louisville...

  5. Curtis:

    Championship Monday....." Hands, let's see....all hands together...on three.....one,two..... .. "Go Blue!! "...

  6. Jeff:

    i picked Michigan. they have the guards and the three point shooters to win

  7. K-Bay:

    WHAT A Week for Pitino!

    HIS Horse Now The Kentucky Derby Favorite
    Induction into The Basketball Hall of Fame in the Same Class As Tark the Shark
    Them Become THE ONLY Coach to WIN National Championships @ TWO Schools
    PROGRAM Builder...
    COME Finish the Job @ UH

    Hope Gib Grows into a Similar Success Story
    Pitino was only 2-4 here with better talent....

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