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October 2nd, 2013

Hard to believe we are coming up to another season of UH basketball. Practice has begun and hopes are high. Over the past few months, many have asked me how good will the team be.

I am not prepared to answer that based upon media hype, summer league results, or high school records. I have learned that one needs to see 4-5 games to really make an accurate guess as to the team's chances.

I will say the pre-season magazines I have seen put UH in the middle of the Big West. Somewhere between 4 and 6th. I think, with the addition of several guards, a weak position last year, and a few more shooters, that if UH can escape an injury to Standhardinger or Fotu, the team has a good chance to finish in the top half of the league. Add to that, a favorable schedule. But that's as far as I am willing to go right now.

As i mentioned, the team should be siginificantly stronger in the backcourt and solid in the frontcourt, but a lack of depth inside could prove an issue. Dont be surprised to see the team " go small", especially in the guard dominated Big West.

The radio show will start next weds at 7 pm on ESPN 1420. The first week's guest will be Pittburgh Coach jamie Dixon.

As those of you know who have followed this blog over the years, i am not afarid to give my opinion and not afraid of hearing from you who disagree. This blog will never be a " everything is great" column, unless everything is great. We will analyze the program as it moves along, pointing out the good things, and if necessary, the not so good. But like most of you, I support the program and want it to succeed. No one opinion is any better than any other, assuming it is based upon facts, and i look forward to hearing from each of you in support or in opposition to my thoughts and opinions. Go Bows ( sorry, Rainbow Warriors).

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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11 Responses to “Its Time For Hoopstalk”

  1. innocent observer:

    your attitude about opinions is refreshing. some of the other sports blogs they do not allow dissenting opinions. nobody sees the same facts the same way; a diversity of opinions are good as long as they do not cross the line.

  2. jjay:

    Hey Jeff, the student athletes prefer to be known as the Warriors ,fyi. so does Gib. We need younger blood to come to the games much like the volleyball crowd , the Stanley needs to get loud like Utah st arena, student section will rule this year, time also to get some younger blood into the booster club,the old guys are fading away . Go Warriors!

  3. Curtis:

    Hey Doc, I'm glad you are back. I thought Coach Wheeler said you wouldn't be back to late November. Something about going off to some country to make sausages or something. Circled next Wed. 7 P.M. on ESPN radio 1420 and now to wake up your four other listeners. Aloha, Your #1 fan, C.

  4. nanakuli:

    Looking forward to your insights on the radio and this blog.

  5. jeffp:

    so the first three responses. One calls me " old". the other says we have 5 listeners. I love it.

  6. K-Bay:

    Four to Five games gives a strong enough sample and real results to be fair to a team, or all teams...so that the first polls or even power ratings shouldn't come out 'til after four or five games...

    but the point of having a "Professor" or Coach Jackson is to get an informed (a 'professional basketball talent evaluator and recruiter') "Early Opinion" -- that guys Not a D-1 Player... has Jackson attended summer league games or popped into some formal/informal practices as part of the show's prep/informed responsibility?

    Laura Bennett would be a great regular (3-5 minute?) guest along with coach Gib...

  7. kimo browner:

    The hype and high expectations happens every year at Manoa. In every Hawaii sport. Im not commenting to break it down, just saying...I would agree with your evaluation for the moment, it is just too damn early to start celebrating although having two legitimate PGs may be cause enough to rejoice. There are other factors to consider, not the least of which addresses coaching skills and positive chemistry with the team. The exodus of players over the last two seasons give reason for pause...the BWC is evolving also and with the acquisition of Reggie Theus by CSN, you can expect the conference tempo to increase dramatically. Based on his past history in the WAC, this GQ Coach can transform a program with fast break quickness...the hope is Hawaii can maintain its pace so we are able to compete with the conference hierarchy....we shall see. Go bow Warriors!

  8. Warrior Dave:

    Welcome back Jeff!! Can't wait to hear you back on the radio.

  9. jeff portnoy:

    Jackson and I will preview team this weds at 7 on our first Hoopstalk show on espn 1420. Good idea about trying to get Coach Beeman on the show. First guest of the season will be Coach Jamie Dixon of Pitt

  10. K-Bay:

    Yes, Thanks... Coach Beeman (vice Bennett)

    Question for Professor/Coach Jackson: How Good can we Expect THREE-Star [Rivals.com AND Scout.com] Recruits Negus Webster-Chan from Missouri, Michael Thomas and 2014 Isaac Fleming to be...?

    Q for Coach Jamie: WHEN Will Pitt (Stay in the Other Half-Bracket) show up @ DHC?
    Bring the Competition You Want, Please...

  11. K-Bay:

    We ʻneedʻ to now wait ʻthreeʻ weeks without the ability to "Text" in to Hoops Talk (while Jeff is out of town)?
    VERY Actve Show -- Many Callers AND Texters; Good thing you werenʻt also Tweeting unless you ADD another 30 - 60 minutes to the show...

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