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A Day at Practice

October 14th, 2013

With less than 4 weeks to the opening game, i spent some time Saturday watching practice. Some early observations.

First, Standhardinger was not there. Out sick. What it demonstrated is how limited the frontcourt may be. Yes, ther is Fotu, and he looked solid. But after that, not sure what would happen if either of these guys goes down with an injury and foul trouble. Yes, Rozitis is back and can give you some minutes, but franky, its a big drop off. And none of the young frontcourt guys are quite ready for Div 1 basketball. But its early.

On the other hand, the backcourt is loaded. My guess is that Shamburger and Nevels will start at the one and two, with Smith, Jawato and Valdes in the mix as subs. Shamburger and Nevels can handle the ball, have decent shot making ability, and look like they can defend in transition. But until they step out on the court against another team's starters, no one can really know how much better this backcourt will be, although it will be better than the previous three years.

Spearman will be the three. Behind him, who knows. Maybe Harper, maybe Thomas. There are lots of young backcourt guys and i expect at least one will probably red-shirt.

I will miss the intrasquad scrimmage this weekend as i will be out of town, but i will be back for the HPU exhibition. Meanwhile, Jackson will host the show the next two weeks. I know he has Coach Reggis Theus this Weds as his guest.

This team has the early makings of the type of team Gib always wanted. A team that can run and play aggressive man defense. A team that can compete in transition. And the type of team that can compete in the guard dominated Big West. I dont think there is much doubt we will have two of the best big men in the conference. Now if we can find the guys who can handle the ball, defend, and score, ( i know, everybody wants that), this team can be compeitive with the top teams in the league. Its consistentcy in the backcourt that will be the key to a successful season

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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7 Responses to “A Day at Practice”

  1. innocent observer:

    in the long run and play an up tempo game, you are going to need subs. based on what is reported, the first five is set but there is huge drop off with the subs, especially at the 4 and 5 positions. hence, cannot see that they will be highly successful. depth is key to a winning season.

  2. nanakuli:

    Looking forward to see Coach Gib coach players with winning attitudes.

  3. islandman:

    Good point - you can't tell until they actually play in a real game.

  4. K-Bay:

    Hereʻs ʻHopingʻ that One or preferably Both Aaron Valdes and Michael Thomas can weave their 6-5/6-6 wingspans and athleticism into sound defensive pressure and functional three-small forward/wing play with depth This Season ... ʻThreeʻ is a Critical Position....

  5. visitor:

    Refreshing to go into a new season without having to anticipate high maintenance, big ego, drama guys.

    Go Bows!

  6. K-Bay:

    Jeff -- itʻs BYUH Exhibition, then later Hilo and Chaminade (on Kauaʻi) ...

    IF it were set-up, HPU Wouldʻve given UH a chance for a True Hawaiʻi Grand Slam...
    (there were years and UH teams who wouldʻve suffered setbacks against even that schedule...

    Wednesday was a Nice Show by Jackson and Johnny White ...

    SO NOW Gib can inject another inoculation of Louisville-Pitino BB BlueBlood Factor -- "should" make for "More Effective" Presses, evidenced by a few more Turnovers and Fast Breaks which should at least be FUN and Potentially Devastating...

    GOOD Comments above RE: ALL Players with Winning Attitudes --
    "What? ONE Bad Apple can Spoil the Whole Bunch, babe?"
    PER The MJ Without Six NBA Championships...

  7. islandman:

    Optimistic with caution

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