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October 29th, 2013

In an effort to increase scoring this season, the NCAA Men's Basketball Rules committee has amended two rules, one dealing with defending the player with the ball and the other the infamous block/charge rule.

This season, the following defensive moves will be illegal; 1) placing and keeping a hand/ forarm on an opponent; 2) putting two hands on an opponent;3) continually jabbing by placing hand or forearm on an opponent; and 4) using an arm bar to impede the progress of a dribbler

Simply touching a player is NOT an automatic foul

The goal is to require defenders to move their feet as opposed to using their arms , create a less physical game, and enhance freedom of movement.

The Rules Committee, in reviewing the block/charge issue, determined that two types of plays were difficult to call correctly. One, defenders moving forward at the time of contact, and two, the time frame when the defender must be in a legal guarding position during airborne shooter situations. Now, when a player begins his upward motion to pass or shoot, the defender must be in a legal guarding position.

It is hoped this change will allow the officials a longer time to view the actions of both the offense and defense.

Hope this will help you all enjoy watching the game and assist in criticizing the officials.

Tomorrow on Hoopstalk, ESPN 1420, Coach Gib will be our guest. Next week, Roy Willams of North Carolina will be our special guest. And dont forget the exibition game on Halloween. Hopefully no tricks, just treats.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “New Rules”

  1. HawaiiMongoose:

    LOL. Jeff, that's exactly right. This will assist in criticizing the officials. Not that I needed the help!

  2. man eating apple:

    Good progress in cleaning up basketball. For decades now, it has been more WWE than basketball. But I can't help but wonder if the big boys made this change because Butler kept crashing the party?

    The next change I'd like to see is enforcing the intentional foul technical, when a kid is set to takeoff on a dunk. Moar dunks!

  3. man eating apple:

    To be clear about it (re: intentional fouls), I'm talking about when a kid steals the ball then gets grabbed from behind at half court (ie setting up for takeoff).

  4. islandman:

    Thanks for the update.

  5. islandman:

    Jeff, for now, i finally don't have the "Your comment is awaiting moderation" after many months . Someone must have fixed it. I emailed you about the "problem" earlier this year and the digital director and webmaster recently.

  6. K-Bay:

    Very Good Hoops Talk tonight, Jackson & Jeff --

    Hope we can have Coach Gib 'every week' the Team's in Town (or even if they're on the road);
    i'd think he should usually have an insight or three to add...
    UCSB Coach Williams, good, too...

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