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Gone to Maui

November 24th, 2013

Since my last blog, UH played Missouri tough in Kansas City before losing by 12, and destroyed UH Hilo in what was not much more than a scrimmage. Frankly one game against a Pac West team is more than enough and the RainbowWarriors still have a game against Chaminade on Kauai in December. These games do nothing to help Hawaii's RPI and although i understand playing one of these on a Neighbor Island, that's about all that can be justified.

Meanwhile I am on Maui for the EA Sports Maui Invitational. Frankly, its not the best Maui field in recent years, but my alma mater Syracuse is here along with Baylor and Gonzaga as the favorites.

In Monday's games, Arkansas plays Cal and Syracuse plays Minnesota. In the bottom half of the bracket, its Chaminade against Baylor and Dayton against Gonzaga. I expect Baylor and Gonzaga to come out of their bracket easily along with Syracuse and Arkansas .

Meanwhile UH will play New Orleans wednesday and Montana Friday. Neither shoud pose
much of a challenge. New Orleans started the season ranked 348 out of the 351 teams in Division 1 and although Montana whipped UH last year in Missoula, they are not the same team this year and the Rainbows should win this one by at least ten.

Folks keep asking me how good is this year's team. My answer is i dont know. They beat the three teams they were supposed to beat, lost to one they were supposed to lose to, and lost to New Mexico State at home, a team that is good, but not great. The games leading up to the Diamond Head wont tell us much, but the opening game against Boise will.

I still think the team needs more than one outside shooter and teams are scoring too easily once they break the press, which has been effective. Team free throw shooting seems to have improved and the team is going to the line more than their opponents. With Spearman back,there is some depth in the backcourt, although the frontcourt remains thin. Meanwhile the Big West is struggling against decent competition so in the early going, the League does not appear very strong nor deep.

Go orange.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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3 Responses to “Gone to Maui”

  1. Warrior Dave:

    Congrats on your appointment to UH BOR. I'm guessing you're going to have to shut your blog down. Sad as most of your comments were honest and it's what is needed.

    I'm hoping your appointment can fix some of what is broken in the UH system. Best of luck Jeff!!

  2. papajoe2:

    Isn't all teams in the Maui Invite, undefeated? Check the schedules of the teams previous games. They have their own Hilos too.

  3. Tiki808:

    This means that there are many local boys playing under HHSAA, instead of their own colleges. Hawai'i is a big team and so I think all the players are well grounded and aware who are the real starting players, instead of the one time shows. Keep playing, I'd pick UH if they start winning.

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