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December 2nd, 2013

well alot has happened since the last blog. Yes, I have been apponited to the Board of Regents. I hope to contribute in many ways, not the least of which is to discussions regarding UH athletics. No, i will not be giving up the blog although i will have to be careful of avoiding conflicts on basketball issues like coaches contracts. And i will continue with the radio show and game braodcasts.

Maui, as always, was great fun. My undergraduate alma mater, Syracuse, ran thru the field. It wasn't the strongest field (there were only two games where both teams were ranked), but it was a competiive field, at least on paper. Chaminade held its own for some of each game, but lost pretty badly at the end. I will say that they are much better than Hilo, and if they can hit their three point shots for two halves, they could make a game of it when they play UH in two weeks in Lihue.

Meanwhile the Rainbow Warriors won two games. The first, against New Orleans, was not much more than a scrimmage. You can see why the Privateers are one of the worst teams in Division 1 as they return to Division 1 basketball. After the pounding UH gave both Hilo and New Orleans, thier offensive stats are somewhat inflated.

The game against Montana was a different story. After jumping out to an early lead, Montana crawled back to a tie early in the second half by playing solid half court basketball, but UH got its running game going and won fairlly easily. Standhardinger had a monster game and Fotu , even with his wrist injury, helped UH once again dominate in the paint. The team still has, in my view, some offensive issues, particularly in the half court. Shamburger continues to struggle from the field, but is giving UH a steady hand at the point. Nevels appears to be the only consistant outside shooter, although Enos may have the nicest three point touch. And Spearman appears to back at full strength both offensively and defensively. The role players have giving the team some solid minutes. When hawaii can dominate the boards, they are tough to beat. It remains to be seen what happens when they have to play a half court game

The road will shortly get much tougher. After this wees's road game at Northern Arizona and the game with Chaminade, the Diamond Head Classic should give us a good indication of where this teams stands going into Conference play. Northern Arizona just lost at home to UC Riverside, and although it is on the road, at some altitude and proabaly snowy and cold, this is a game UH is supposed to win. Ditto Chaminade. But the first round opponent in the Classic is a very good Boise State team, and depending what happens in that game, either St. Mary's or South Carolina the next round. Boise is easily the best team the Rainbow Warriors will have faced all year ( unless they wind up playing Iowa State in the Classic).

I predicted UH would be 5-2 at this point and 7-2 going into the Classic. I have been correct so far on all games and am pretty confident on the next two. We'll see

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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7 Responses to “Since The Last Blog”

  1. Warrior Dave:

    Once again, congrats not the appointment to the BOR Jeff. I love your appointment and think they made a good decision. So glad you get to keep the blog, TV and radio show.

  2. K-Bay:

    Actually, i think Pomeroy Ratings gets CREDIT for BOTH Ratings and Predictions ...
    you just followed along their e-published pattern...

    Acceptance to Board of Regents IS an Accomplishment -- Congratulations...

    BUT Do THEY Take ANY Responsibility for:

    1) FORCE-FiTTING Low-WIN-Chow Over Winning McMackin?

    2) "Setting Up" UH Athletics to "LOOK Like" a Losing Operation where it is The Closest of Most/ALL Departments to Both Self-Sufficient AND Self-Sustaining?

    3) NOT Driving a POSITIVE Solution to the Stevie Wonder Fiasco
    (EX: Instead of Just THROWING More Money (LOST, Loss-Followers) at ʻThe Problemʻ, They Could Have assigned A Team or An Action to Actually PURSUE the SW Concert (As Larry Ellison DID), and Along the Way, CLEAR OBSTACLES In The Process AND Turn SCC (Concerts, Church Events, etc.) into a Larger Money Earner -- It Has Way Better Acoustics than Blaisdell Arena and should be a Primary Hawaiʻi Venue...

    MAYBE You Can Take Lead to Drive These OR Other (Good) Ideas with The BOR...
    Please DO Report...
    NOT Clear What Bang WE Get for Our Buck beyond (On the Backs of...) High Student Debt...

    YES...Upper Campus AND BOR Need Better P.R. AND Results...

  3. poorboy:

    Jeff: I think UH with Shamburger and Smith, do a great job in running half court sets. Sure they are new to Gib's system, however, the lobs to Aaron, those are designed plays, and Keith and Q make great passes for the flush. The isolation for Fotu down on the block, those are within half court sets, Smith and Shamburger get the ball to Isaac right on the money. And the clear outs for Standhardinger, the PG's make sure, he has spacing, and away Christian goes for two and one. In half court, UH will improve, though they prefer to transition, so far, from what I have witnessed at Stan Sheriff, the two PG's and the Bigs, are doing a great job. I agree with you Jeff, I think UH can go, 7-2, going into DHC, and if they are really fine tuned by then, UH can win that classic, should be fun season, Jeff, UH can go post season this year, just have to finish strong, get better and better each game, week, this team the BBIQ, super high, smart kids!

  4. poorboy:

    Congratulations to you on appointment to UH BOR. You have supported UH and its athletic programs, for years. We say big Mahalo, you are probably in a great position to help academics, facilities, and athletics for UH for years to come. Go get em Jeff, and thanks for always being a huge fan, of UH MBB for decades! Love your passion for the game!

  5. jeffp:

    thanks folks for the very kind remarks and for following the blog

  6. nanakuli:

    As a regent can you make the Bambucha Nachoes $6.00?

  7. tom mui:

    Congrat Jeff!

    Was surprised Duke has a football team! 🙂

    Best wishes on that too!

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