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One for the Road and One for You

January 27th, 2014

Uh's win Saturday night against Irvine was maybe the most important victory in Gib's tenure at UH. The team fought back from a ten point second half deficit against the league leader on its home court before a sold out arena . Yes, you need to have a little luck and a coaching error by Irvine ( I will discuss in a minute), but the victory positions UH to challange for the league lead after Santa Barbara and Cal Poly lost games they should have won and Hawaii now has four straight home games.

First, they may not be the Fabulous Five, but they are  becomming the Iron Men five. This road trip had all five starters play almost all of the minutes, and in Saturday's game, score all of the points. The bench may provide a minute or two of relief, but hopefully the starters wont wear our or foul out. The starting five's conditioning to date has been something to admire.

After a rough first few league games, Keith Shamburger has really come on. In fact, he was just named the Big West Player of the Week. Well deserved. And coming on the heels of his Aunt's death and funeral, you would have to think a higher force directed that last second three point shot off the glass and into the basket.

Stardhardinger may have made the seond most important play when he fouled out Irvine's 7 footer. And Fotu was unconscious from the field. All in all a great win.

But i would be remiss if i didnt bring up the play that probably cost Irvine the win. No, not the missed end of a two point foul shot opportunity that would have Irvine up 4 with 5 seconds to play. I am talking about the failure to foul UH on the inbounds play from the sideline that led to Shamburger's three. It is pretty clear that the necessary play with 5 seconds to play, up three, is to foul and make the shooter go to the line, where evn if he makes both, you still lead by one. Then, assuming you can inbound the basketball, your team goes to the line with less than 4 seconds to play at the other end of the court. make the free throws, the game is over. miss, and your opponent still has to go the length of the court in less than 4 seconds and make a three ( if you dont foul again). Instead, Irvine made the cardinal error and allowed Uh to get off a shot after taking the ball in in its offensive zone. Yes i know, UH might have made the first free throw and intentionally missed the second hoping for the rebound. But how often does that happen at the end of a game.

I would like to hear from you folks on whether you agree or not. That's the fun of being a fan. Yes, it worked out great for the hometeam and for that, we are all grateful. and i want to make this clear. UH played great, and even if they had lost, it would have taken nothing away from its effort and performance. You know, somtimes being lucky as well as good makes for a championship. Its the good that comes first.


Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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21 Responses to “One for the Road and One for You”

  1. K-Bay:

    GOOD Write-Up Regent Jeff

    (Although, I'm SURE This IS An Independent Opinion Not Representative OR Reflective of University of Hawai'i Board of Regents OR Their Officers and Officials) BUT Maybe it Ought to be....INVEST IN UHMBB...

    i Have Seen The Hack-a-Lead Approach ... but i think BOTH Teams ended up just stretching out the Game -- making it a Free-Throw and TIME-OUT (Junk!) Marathon... i wasn't convinced that the Strategy "Prevented" the Loss (Or Tie)... it will be interesting to "See The Facts" once The Stat-Analysts get a Hold of Enough Data...

    How 'Bout IF IRVINE Hacked @ K-Sham then he STILL Threw Up the Shot in The Legit Direction Of The Basket as he's able AND Did? -- THREE Free-Throws To Tie, OR Even LOSE on a Tip-In - That HAS Happened --THAT Might get a Coach into Firing Discussions depending on "Level" of the Program and The Import of The Game...

    OR Closer to Reality-- K-Sham Gets Fouled (He Probably DID) AND Hits the Shot (As He Did) AND The Refs Have The Guts to Call It (But They Usually Won't Unless The Shooting Team is Highly Favored or Ranked: Expectations, y'know) -- Count The Three, Hit the Winning Free-Throw In Regulation with .3 seconds Left...

    GREAT Game!
    Glad that IRVINE Hit The Half-Court Bomb To Close the First Half PLUS Their OVER-Celebration
    See "The Bank is Open" @ You-Tube Video
    AND ESPN TOP TEN Highlight (Great that it Was "Nationally" Televised)
    Glad that K-Sham Video-Posterized Mamadou (sp.)
    The Shortest on The Court OVER The Tallest In The Country....
    Made Hawai'i Look Even COOLER....

  2. Craig:

    I guess Irvine's thinking was... How many 3s can you shoot over our 7 footers?

  3. poorboy:

    Jeff Portnoy, I know you are diehard fan, like many who go back to Fab Five, Henderson days, through Rocha, Little, Arnold, Frank, Wallace, Nash and now Gib...That was about the best team win ON the Road, against a great rebounding and Defensive team, that I can recall in last 40 years.

    The Win,(agree, Keith could have been fouled on his 3 pt shot..he seals game by hitting 3 out of last 4 FT's..with heavy heart and hip injury no less) however they got it, even if tactical error by either coach, Fotu, Standhardinger, Nevels, Spearman, and Shamburger, made critical plays, the D rebounds and keeping some offensive possessions alive with O rebounds, the clutch FT shooting, when it mattered, and just a great scout...You know this Jeff, in the past, when UH would be on prime time, ESPN, in a key game against a first place team, most if not, all the time, major disappointment. This team is proving to be very special, they do not care who gets the winning shot, or most points, it is ONE OHANA, team first, and they are playing very well, however Gib has them grounded, they still have not acheived their ultimate goal in early March. Look for UH to try to improve on helpside D, and using bench rotation more , for BWC tourney and Post Season run.

    Jeff, enjoy the ride, for now, UH has a chance to be a leader or co-leader in the BWC! Jeff, this is one of the better Teams UH has had in a long time!

  4. poorboy:

    Jeff: I guess bottom line, after hindsight, UH MBB team go a HUGE win, and all of the fans, old and new, are very Happy!
    Go Rainbow Warriors

  5. poorboy:

    Jeff: I guess bottom line, after hindsight, UH MBB team GOT(sorry for typo!) a HUGE win, and all of the fans, old and new, are very Happy!
    Go Rainbow Warriors

  6. K-Bay:

    GOOD Point On Threes...

    ALL Second Half To THAT Point: UH One for TEN

    5-11 Guy OVER A 7-6 TOP Shot Blocker: PRICELESS!

  7. innocent observer:

    believe that an Irvine player did foul shamburger as he shot the ball in regulation, but the officials did not call it, otherwise, uh would have won the game in regulation rather than OT.

  8. primo123:

    Nice catch on that strategy to foul on the in-bounds. Most times college coaches dont think like that, and they rather leave it up to their defense to handle the last few seconds. Worst case, they tie it and go to overtime.

    Better get Gib's deal done, otherwise if he's dancing, we'll be paying the price.....!!

    Go Bows!

  9. kimo browner:

    We won bottom line. You can dissect every play if you wish, perhaps Irvine's Coach amends his strategy in another similar game like situation, but makes another mistake.
    Im sure Coach Gibb had regrets in our close games against Boise State and Northridge.
    I do agree that Hawaii is playing with heart and insatiable determination. They didn't quit.
    This week will mark the turning point in Conference play and one of five teams, including Hawaii, will emerge as #1 by Sunday morning. It is truly open. I like our chances.

  10. ALLAN:



  11. EMS:

    I think the greatest coaching error was the lack of adjustments regarding guarding Fotu in the short corner. If they made the adjustments UH wouldn't have been in a position to tie that game. Glad the UCI staff missed that. Also, obvious that Gib out-coached his counterpart. Pretty obvious that Gib has a high learning curve.

  12. kekaha:

    as a UH manoa student in the mid-80's, i vividly remember a young gib arnold, who was a high school student at punahou at the time, wandering into the UH weight room and speaking with him. of course his dad, frank, was the UH head basketball coach back then. even with the tough times under his father's tunure, gib was positive about the team, and he mentioned the talented andre morgan. little did i know that he was destined to become hawaii's coach years later.

  13. primo123:

    This Thursday game will be the true test of where the men are at.

    If they come out cocky and big headed and let LBSt steal one, then we know, they not ready.

    BUT, if they play with confidence and take care of business, then we know this team can be trusted.

    Go Bows!

  14. K-Bay:

    Check WarriorInsider.com/Jankovic & Negus...

    Maybe the Starting Five can't even Beat their own Scout team...

    Show Up Focused, Play Hard 40+
    Games might be less-challenging than Practice...
    WIN 'Bows!

  15. Hank:

    It could have been a concern for the Irvine Coaches that an intentional foul would accidentally result in a flagrant 1 with the Bows getting a free throw and the ball. We were also shooting terribly from the three (I think our best 3 shooter Nevels was 1 for 6). Just saying. Heck, they called a flagrant on us when we tried to intentionally foul Mamado.

  16. lowtone123:

    Can't blame Turner for letting his guys play it out. Shamburger is a 30-something percent from 3 plus ge has to shoot it over a seven footer. Like you scenario but you I don't have to go far for an arguement versus it. What if UH makes the first but misses the second and scores on a putback to tie the game? UH Wahine vs Cal Poly earlier this month. Wahine up by four with 11 seconds left. Ervin scores and is fouled. Misses the FT on purpose and the putback by Garza as time expires send the game into overtime. A game the Wahine would go on to lose.

  17. tommui:

    Good morning Jeff!

    The Wheels of Justice turn slowly but exceedingly fine is an old saying.

    The extension contracts for Coaches Gil and Beeman in theory was suppose to have been done before the season began. I read somewhere that both the Coaches and UHAD agreed on the terms etc and reduced to paper.

    Do we have another JJ episode in the making?

  18. man eating apple:

    This is a very good question, because Gibb is still a little inexperienced as a coach. Considering the situation with UH (relying solely on 5 players), Irvine should have fouled, thus beginning the FT shooting contest. I agree it's boring, but we would also get to see Gibb's tactics put to the test. UH ended the game with two guys at 4 fouls (Fotu, Shamburger). Irvine should have put pressure on UH to give fouls. At this point the smart play for UH would be to put in reserves for fouling, but would have liked to see what Gibb would have done. At least get experience in these situations. Be aware that a game may go to overtime, to protect players that at the moment may only have 3 fouls.

  19. jeff portnoy:

    great discussion. That's what this site is all about. We will never know what would have happened had Irvine fouled, but i still think that's the right play. That's why they pay coaches the big bucks

  20. primo123:

    in the NBA, they would've fouled, no doubt.

    watching the replays, mamadou was standing right there when sham took the shot. they had two defenders on him.

    had the shot missed, we would've been disgruntled, fire the coach, fans.....BUT.....we WON!....Gib for Govenor!! lol....

  21. Warrior Dave:

    Hi Jeff, as an attorney and Regent, can you please explain the problems with the Black Hole on upper campus in getting coaches contracts written and signed in a timely manner?

    Looks like it will be a repeat of Gib's contract when and if it ever gets done.

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