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The Weekend Looms Large

January 29th, 2014

After Uh's two road victories last week, excietment about the prospects for this year's team is at an all-time ( at least for this year) high. The win against Irvine brought the Rainbow Warriors to withn a game of the Conference lead, and with four home games coming up, many think that come mid-February, the Bows will lead the Conference.

Not so fast however. First Long Beach, tied with UH for third, comes into town, followed by Northridge. Then its Santa Barbara and Cal Poly. Uh has already lost to Northridge and Cal Poly, but they should defeat Northridge pretty easily at home. Cal Poly has had Hawaii's number for the past two years, but they are playing poorly away from home. Santa Barbara is considered by some to the best team in the league and Long Beach is now at full strength with the addtion of UCLA transfer Tyler Lamb and Travis Hammonds. The 49ers also have Mike Caffey and Dan Jennings and after a brutal pre-conference schedule, are coming into form. They just beat Cal Poly there, something which is not easy to do and have wins over USC and Nevada out of Conference.

But it is beginning to look like this maybe Hawaii's year. After three up and down years, and three down years before that, this year's team seems to be putting it all together. They are averaging almost 83 points per game  and lead the Conference ( all games) in scoring offense, scoring margin,  rebounding margin, and turnover margin. You wont lose too many with those stats. Fotu leads the Conference in field goal Pct, Standhardinger is tied for second in scoring ; Nevels is second in three-point FG Pct; and Shamburger is second in assists.

I expect big crowds for this weekend's game. There is palpable excitment in the community about this year's team and with Irvine at Santa Barbara on Thursday, Long Beach at Hawaii Thursday, Long Beach at Irvine next week, and Irvine at Cal Poly this S, expect the leader board in the Conference to be shaken up by the end of next week.

Every team but Hawaii has lost at least one home game in Conference and only Irvine is perfect on the road. You have to hold court at home and at least split on the road to finish in the top three. Hawaii right now is on its way, but there are many games left to play.

As always, the blog refects my personal views, not those of any other Regent.


Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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7 Responses to “The Weekend Looms Large”

  1. K-Bay:

    Hopefully Hawai'i Executes, Neutralizing 'D', Effective Offense and Learns Enough about Handling Long Beach State to Control Them Here, then Also @ The Pyramid and Anaheim...

    Fisher's Scout Assessment: 'We should be a Better Team as well as Individually "At Every Position, One Thru Five"... this is NOT Last Year's Uber-Talented Team, BUT They Play Better Team Ball...

    Respect Everyone, Fear No One...

  2. K-Bay:

    On Jeff & Jackson's "Hoops Talk"(c) Radio Show
    {Nothing Attributable to Board of Regents -- Again?!}
    COACH Jackson noted that he Expects Caleb Dressler will be Transferring Out...

    Either Way (IF SO Or Not), i hope Caleb has a successful Back Injury/Surgery Re-hab;
    And Gets Back his injury year (Medical Redshirt);
    And Goes On to be The Center of The (Near) Future for the Program he's helping...
    Best to You, Always, Caleb!

  3. Warrior Dave:

    Something players transferring out make the hairs on the back of my head stand up!! But I guess if a player is not happy they should move on with their college careers. UH benefitted from transfers but I hope there are few or none besides Dressler.

    Thanks K-Bay for the story. I couldn't tune into Hoops Talk tonight.

  4. primo123:

    Lets not forget to welcome home Jaimie Smith....Video something or another coordinator....leading the Manoa Maniacs!.....hope the students show up in mass!!

    Go Bows!

  5. kimo browner:

    The next two weeks should be fun for fans around the conference, especially in Manoa. nbvm'''''''''''''''''''''-098765445678666666666555555555555555554444444444444444433333333333333333333222222222222222222222111111111111111111111111111111111111111111000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\]

    I like the balance this year and after 19 games nearly five players are averaging double figures in scoring. In the course of the game anyone can get hot and carry the team for a stretch. The road game against UC Irvine was a break through for the Warriors in terms of confidence. If the Bows can maintain this type of energy for the remaining 11 conference games, we should find ourselves looking at a top-2 finish and earn a coveted bye at the outset of conference tournament time. Of course, being competitive in conference will boost attendance and produce much needed program revenues.

    The next two weeks should be exciting for BWC fans.

  6. bowwar:

    Consider the source, Jackson said Caleb was leaving last year...I wish Wheeler would stop speculating and undermining the basketball program.

  7. jeff portnoy:

    couple of comments. first, the men do not have a bye into tournament like the women so 1 plays 8, etc. Secondly, I let Jackson speak for himself, but i think he said he thought Dressler would be leaving. To me, a reasonable opinion based upon Caleb's history here. But one thing i can say for Jackson, he is a fan of the program. Maybe a little too honest or opinionated for some ( like some guy playing for the Seahawks).

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