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A Major Disappointment

January 31st, 2014

just days after one of the signature wins in Gib Arnold's coaching tenure, The Rainbow Warriors came down to earth last night losing to Long Beach State. Based upon what was at stake and the excitement surronding this team, this is one of tougher losses to accept.

It wasnt Hawaii's offense that let them down. It was the defense ( and I use the term losely).  Long Beach, a team averaging 66 points a game before last night, put up 92 points on a 60% field goal percentage. They scored over 40 points in the paint, not on putbacks, but on dribble drives thru the hawaii defense leading to easy layups. I have said before that i thought Hawaii lacked secondary defense in the lane, and boy, did the Long Beach guards expose that last night. Time after time, they penetrated in the lane leaving only Fotu to defend. Where was Stardhardinger defensively all game. Frankly  i recall one defensive stop by him all night.

Thru most of the season, Hawaii's press has caused problems, but not last night. Long Beach's guards were as quick as Hawaii guards, and just as athletic. And Mike Caffey was unstoppable.

But all is clearly not lost. Yes, Hawaii gave one back at home, something you cant do more than once or twice and compete for the league crown. But even with the loss, Hawaii stands only one game back from the three teams tied for the lead. Northridge comes into town tomorrow and I expect Hawaii will bounce back and defeat the Matadors, a team they should have beaten on the road.

Hopefully, folks will show up for the game. I know last night was a Thursday game, but the crowd numbers were disapoointing. Not the folks who showed up, or the students who were out in force, but the casual fan who stayed away. With all the hype surronding the Irvine win, I expected a huge crowd. Didnt happen.

Long Beach, when they score, is a solid team. You cant look at thier overall record because many of their losses came on the road against top 75 teams. And they were not at full strentgh until the semester break. They will compete, as always. for the league championship, and Hawaii needs to put last night behind them as they have three, now very critical, home games , coming up. I didnt think they would sweep these four games, but i didnt think they would lose the first one. The pressure is on, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It means the fans and the team believe they can compete at the top level of this league. Its starts again tomorrow.

Now the disclaimer. You know the drill by now. These are my personal views, not necessarily those of the any other Regent or the Board.



Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “A Major Disappointment”

  1. poorboy:

    This team bounces back. DEFENSE. Zone, have to get out of man sometimes, protect rim, guard the paint. Gib and team probably getting after it in prep for Northridge game. I fully expect, Jeff, that UH will have greater Defensive effort, they can score, have to get stops against another penetrating athletic team. Hope too, that 7000+ fans come out, I think so, Saturday nite game, and kids with parents will be there.

  2. bowwar:

    Standhardinger needs to understand he is a "post player" and needs to guard the middle and GET REBOUNDS! Offensively, Christian has the same bad mentality as Vander, by straying away from the basket and taking 3pt shots, etc. Also, once he has the ball in his hands, he immediately tries to shoot versus looking for the open shot. Very disappointing...

  3. poorboy:

    bowwar: it seems like this team, they are offense first, they can score, Defense is what will win championships. Christian, always, probably like Vander, concerned about his stats, he should look at rebounds, blocked shots, steals, and getting the Wins, I think when he leads by doing that, Team , defend and Win first, not Offensive stats, Team will be much better. Gib, might have to sit him down, and use Davis, Thomas, Jovanovich, for defense, rebound, might lose offense, however, this team has to learn to get stops. Agree with you, when Christian, should start his offense, from inside the paint, when he is most effective, then once in awhile if open, hit that top of the key 3 pointer. Fotu has nice mid range jumper. This team, they lack the traditional shot blocking , defensive minded 5. Maybe next year Gib will get a couple of shot blockers.

  4. JF Byers:

    Its marketing that will help get fans thru the turnstiles in addition to a winning team. at a time when the football team was sinking, the push to get the student body and the football viewing audience excited about the upcoming mens hoops season should have begun.

    that is what you call taking action as opposed to enforcing a reaction.

    for decades, uh has lacked in this area with their paid employees and administrators.

  5. al:

    as the new regent you should give up this blog/column. it would appear to be a conflict of interest, especially so since you like to pick on the head coach every chance you get. either that or relinquish your regents board appointment.

    it does not seem ethical to hold the purse strings of a head coach and make blatant potshots at him or any other university of hawaii employee via this social media venue.

    give it a rest please.

  6. Jeff:

    you are wrong. thanks for your opinion

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