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It wasn't pretty

February 3rd, 2014

Ok, a win is win. But Hawaii's home win against Northridge on Saturday is nothing to write home about. Northridge has had a pretty disappointing season so far, both in and out of Conference. Its best Conference win was against Hawaii at home. Its basically a lower half conference team with a 500 record. And yes, Hawaii was coming off a difficult loss to Long Beach and had Shamburger on the bench for the first 23 minutes ( no official explaination, but the best guess it was disciplinary coming out of the Long Beach loss), but this game was not well played by either team and was closer than it needed to be until Hawaii took control in the final 12 minutes.

Here  is a stat you wont likely see again and if you are a Hawaii fan, you hope you dont. Rozitis had more points and rebounds ( total) than Standhardinger. Davis played well so credit him for that, but Christian was essentially taken completely out of the game . Lets chalk it up to a bad day at the office. And credit Smith for a solid game in place of Shamburger.

For me the biggest home game of the year is this Thursday's game against Santa Barbara. If Hawaii hopes to win this crucial game, it will need to play like it did at Irvine, not like it played last week at hime. The Gauchos are playing well after a brief period where they did not, injury issues, and they have arguably the best player of the league in Williams, although I think Fotu will give him a run for his money before the season is over.

Hawaii stands only one game out of the first, but there are currently three teams ahead of them, Santa Barbara being one of them. After that game, Cal Poly comes in to complete the home stand. Cal Poly has had Hawaii's number, but are really playing poorly after losing two games last week at home. They should come here really reeling.

Gib went to the bench early and often last week , something he did not do on the last road trip. Got some solid minutes from the bench. Good crowd saturday night as well. Will need a full house Thursday. Should be one of the better games of the year so dont miss it.

The disclaimer. These are my views only. Would love to hear yours.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “It wasn't pretty”

  1. Lowtone123:

    What's with Stanhardinger launching 3's all of a sudden? The game against LBSU I saw a stretch where he took 3 attempts in four trips down court (all misses). He is a talented player and he draws a lot of fouls when he is in the paint but when the defense closes the paint he tends to hang around the arch.

  2. Lava:

    I think Hawaii has its best chance of winning if more guys see the floor and we substitute to keep guys fresh and encourage them to play faster while on the court. Our starters did well on the road, but I have to think that caught up with us last week. If we expect this team to remain competitive all year, it is not going to be by playing 5 guys.

  3. K-Bay:

    1. With The "Official" Announcement (fans noticed His Absence from the bench Saturday), too bad Caleb Dressler was never able to play or show His Best @ U.H.... Hope His re-hab goes well and he can make it up to D-1 Impact Player; Good Luck; Best Wishes, Caleb...

    2. Santa Barbara probably the much better team; but their strength (4, 5) matches UH; should make for an interesting battle; IF Hawaiʻi can continue their success against UCSB (swept last year), it should help boost the teamʻs spirits as they go up against their ʻpoorʻ (historical) matchup with Cal Poly -- FIVE Straight Hawaiʻi Losses including two @ SSC...some really ugly...

  4. primo123:

    1. Lowtone.....launching 3's is called "pressing" by Stanhardinger.....but coach pulled him and sat him for a bit. When he went back in, he had a few chances to try another trey, but didnt even bother to look to shoot.

    Shooters always think the next one is going in. Its good that they have that mentality. Its up to the coach to rein him in and run the offense.

    If he made two of those three, we'd be calling him a hero.

  5. primo123:

    Where's Jamie? He doesnt coordinate the student section anymore? He used to be front and center last year.

  6. jeff portnoy:

    Bowwar, are you sufficiently embarassed by your attack on jackson two blogs ago about Dressler. I guess he does know his basketball. His statement about Dressler was spot-on.

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