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The Heart or the Brian?

February 6th, 2014

Picking a winner for tonight's huge game against Santa Barbara pits my heart vrs my brain My heart says UH. The brain says not so.

First the brain. Santa Barbara was picked by many to win the Conference. Their play so far indicates they will be right there at the end. Except for a blip or two( a loss on the road at Fullerton and a home loss to Cal Poly), the Gauchos are playing well. They are back to full strength, play a wicked 1-2-2 zone and have probably the best player in Junior Alan Williams who already has been the Big West Player of the Week four times.  They have shown they can win on the road ( 5-4 record), and have one of the few quality out of Conference wins when they beat Cal. Are they perfect? no. Are they a top 25 team? No. But they are currently ranked 11 in the Mid -Major College insider poll ( Hawaii is 37th). Hawaii struggles to score from outside , the Gauchos are 1st in the Conference in field goal percentage and 3pt%, and are second in scoring defense. So the brain says the Gauchos in a tight game.

But the heart says UH. This is a game the Rainbow Warriors have to win if they have any real chance to win the Conference regular season. They came up short against Long Beach and really have little margin for error. They simply need to win the remaining home games. There should be a big crowd. They have shown they can score against anybody in the Conference. Fotu may be the league's second best player. They are getting solid play from Nevels and Spearman. And Standhardinger has been generally consistant offensively. The heart says they realize the importance of this game in year 4 of the Gib era and the hurt they felt when they failed to defend against Long Beach. So the heart says UH finds a way to win.

In any event, you wont want to miss this game. I know its a Thursday game, but even if you are a casual fan, it will be the best Conference game of the year.


Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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10 Responses to “The Heart or the Brian?”

  1. clyde:

    Uhh, Mr. attorney. i believe you mean brain, and not Brian (as in Mcinnis). But, yes, it is a big game.

  2. Lowtone123:

    Brian who? McInnis?

  3. jeff portnoy:

    opps, can i blame spell-check. its Brain

  4. Annoddah Dave:

    It is Brian as in Cohen. Monty Python's Life of Brian! Jeff got it right!

  5. pumpkinraider:

    You always go by your heart and you will live a happy life. Go Bows

  6. primo123:

    I'll be there cheering them on!

  7. primo123:

    I think Stanhardinger struggles against a zone with athletic bigs. He's the only 6'8" guy i see get his shots blocked on a regular basis.

    If he can draw the fouls, he'll have a good night, hopefully getting Williams in foul trouble along the way.

    Williams is a BEAST!

  8. Hank:

    Your HEART is right!

  9. Jman:

    So Jeff last nights lost at home quite disappointing. Will this affect Gibs contract renewal if the team goes into another bad streak like last year in second half if season.we seem to struggle even in a lower conference like the Big West.

  10. Jeff:

    I dont think it will have any impact. he is going to get an extension. How long and compensation are unknown at this time.

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