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Simple Math 3-19=L

February 7th, 2014

Ok students, lets do some simple Math. 3 for 19 shooting from beyond the Arc against a loose 1-2-2 zone equals a very disappointing loss. Its that simple. The only way Hawaii was going to beat Santa Barbara was to hit outside shots. They didnt. And its not just this game that has exposed Hawaii's permieter shooting woes. Shamburger, Spearman, and Standhardinger are all shooting about 25% in League play from beyond the arc. Shut down Neverls, as the Gauchos did yesterday, and Hawaii struggles offensively.

Couple of addtional observations. First, and I have said this all year, Shamburger has  no shot.  Yes, occasionally he will hit a three, but teams have fiqured out that it is far more likley he will miss.  Last night, he missed 5 wide-open threes. But he keeps shooting. Perhaps he should have looked for Nevels a little more. And teams have begun to fiqure out how to keep Standhardinger from scoring in the paint and not foul him. yet, he failed to adjust his game for the third night in a row.

Defensively, Hawaii did what it needed to do. They forced the Gauchos into turnovers and , at times, really poor shot selection. But if you cant convert on the offensive end after making stops, you lose.

So for the second consecutive Thursday, Hawaii lost a home game they needed to win to be competitive at the top of the league. The season is only half over, but it will tough for UH to get those two games back. Can they do it in a perfect storm world?  Yes, butIi think it is more likley they will not catch all of the three teams ahead of them.

Cal Poly comes into town tomorrow. It is a team that has had Hawaii's number the last two years, but i think Hawaii will bounce back with a win. Cal Poly is really struggling and has played very poorly on the road. The two teams are tied for third fourth place at 4-4, so it an important game.

I know some folks thought UH would go 4-0 on this home stand, especially after the huge win at Irvine. I cautioned folks that was not likley, but i did think 3-1 was a reality. Now we are hoping for 2-2. I think we will get there, and next week's road trip is the easiest of the season, so all is not lost.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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9 Responses to “Simple Math 3-19=L”

  1. Jeff:

    opps. the disclaimer. you all know the drill. My personal thoughts, not those of the Regents

  2. primo123:

    i'm sure sham hits those shots in practice all the time. i wonder if coach is tell him to keep shooting. i thought he had a decent floater, so should utilize that instead. i see nevels went 3-11. I still think they should've went to him more.

    quincy looked dinged up. hope he's ok.

  3. primo123:

    shooters always think the next one is going to go in.

  4. islandman:

    Sham should use the backboard on his shots, like he did the on the last second shot at Irvine. Right now he's shooting worse than Tavita did .

  5. Hoosier:

    Shamburger shooting what he historically shot at SJSU. Never was a dead eye shooter even when he was there. Look at his stats and he is pretty consistent. 35% overall FG and 30% from three. Play tough D, contribute 10-15 ppg and keep dishing the ball. Leave the scoring burden on Standhardinger, Fotu, Nevels, Spearman and don't turn the ball over. Then hoist some (a ton of) shots during the summer to improve that accuracy.

  6. Manoa Mist:

    Hawaii should have attacked the inside to get SB's big man in foul trouble. At some point Gib got to realize the 3s ain't working and go to plan B. You get the big man out for SB, UH has a very good chance at winning.
    Mediocre effort, mediocre coaching as Richard Sherman would say.
    But you know it all comes down to the tournament and if Hawaii gets hot they got as good a chance at anyone. But so far, I would not be inclined to give Gib more money. Not by a long shot.
    Just IMHO.

  7. Shame on Coach:

    It's a Shame on Coach for letting both Sham and Shandhard to sit on the bench Relaxing while the team is worming up after half time. Sham at least made an half hearted one shot and missed. He went 0-9 from the outside shot and definitely lost the game for UH.
    If I was the coach if you don't warm up; let someone else play.

    And Shame on Sham for still having an attitude problem he has not learned from the last suspension.
    And Shame on Coach for letting it happen. No wonder his team has been one and done.

    We're cancelling the trip to Disney in March. This team is again One and Done.
    Show us You can Still Do It!
    You can Do It Warriors!

  8. Shame on Coach:

    Can You?

    We Wonder!

  9. Kailuaboys:

    Two words for Jeff: spell check.

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