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Fotu rrific

February 10th, 2014

Ok. I am patting myself on my back. Before the season, I participated in the Big West Media Preseason Poll. One of the things we were asked to do was predict the all league first team. Almost everyone selected Standhardinger and that was no surprise based upon last year. I picked Issac. It’s not that I didn’t think Christian was worthy, but was based on the reality that two Hawaii players were not going to make first team, I thought then, and the last several weeks bears me out, that Issac would be a more consistent player than Christian, and frankly, I thought a better " team" player.

Last Saturdays night's game was the Issac Fotu show. Yes he got some help from Standhardinger, but Cal Poly would have won the game if Issac did not simply dominate the paint and make big baskets, sometimes three times in succession. Hawaii's outside game continued to struggle, and Shamburger has simply lost his shot. It’s kind of ironic that before the season folks were talking about how Hawaii's guards would finally compete with the top teams in the Conference as we all knew the inside game had been Hawaii's strength last year. Well folks, it’s the inside game that has continued to be Hawaii's strength while the guard play, at least offensively, is struggling.

Yes, the guards are quicker and the backcourt has more depth. Yes, we can press at times and make free throws down the stretch. But with 3 starters shooting 25% from three, this has become a major issue against the better teams.

The 4 game home stand must be considered a disappointment. Some fans and media had Hawaii going 4-0. I thought we would be 3-1. I don’t think anyone really thought we would lose two, and the losses were to teams ahead of us who we still have to play on the road. The win against Cal Poly, who had beaten UH 5 straight times, salvaged what would have been a disappointing home stand.

Hawaii now goes on the road to play two bottom feeders. Riverside, at least, has put up a fight on occasion at home. Fullerton is simply a poor team this year. Two Hawaii road wins are expected if this team wants to finish in the top half of the league. I know they are on the road, but this team seems to not let that bother them like teams in the past. And when you have Fotu rrific on you team, Hawaii will be tough to beat if it gets some solid complimentary play from Standhardinger, Nevels, and Spearman

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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10 Responses to “Fotu rrific”

  1. jeff portnoy:

    the disclaimer. these are my opinions only. Not those of the regents , not that they would weigh in on something like this

  2. pali:

    i agree about fotu this past saturday. his dominance inside seems to be paying off w/ his patience for high-percentage shots. he even displayed a potentially killer sky-hook that should get better w/ time. he really is developing a presence anywhere within the foul line and deserves a conference player of the week nod.

  3. UH91Alum:

    What puzzled me about the Cal-Poly game was that UH had them baffled with the 3-2 zone defense for most of the game. Then Coach Arnold decides to change it up by going Man defense against them and got burned at least 2 times when they went inside on UH. This started to cut into UH's 9 point lead in the 2nd half. That's when they started to get some momentum, and the 3's started to drop for them. "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"

    I noticed also that as Shamburger had more drive & dish assists, the team fared better with the inside game established, which later opened up the outside shots.

  4. primo123:

    Thinking outside the box.....howabout bringing in Jawato or Hackman to come in and bomb a few to see if they have the touch.

  5. primo123:

    That two man isolation, with Fotu and Shamburger was deadly. It could be even deadlier with Nevels and the guard feeding Fotu. Imagine if the guard drops in to double team Fotu, Nevels gets to shoot uncovered.

  6. primo123:

    Nevels as the guard feeding Fotu.

  7. Hanapepe:

    What's up with Sham sitting at the end of the bench again, 2nd game in a row? A TEAM

  8. islandman:

    Sham is shooting close to what he shot at San Jose St . In 2011-12, he shot 33.7 % for FG's and 30.4 % for 3 Pts. He is currently shooting 33.3 % and 30.6 % .

    His FT % has improved though.

  9. Annoddah Dave:

    @#7: Shamburger sits at the end of the bench for all games since he started the season. He also wears headphones during warm ups lately. I believe that this is his way of focusing on "his" game. I too thought that he was an isolationist, but have come to conclusion that this is his game ritual. I believe he is a team player...only thing is he tends not to show it in conventional ways. During the game he and the rest of the team discuss stuff to check opponents. Unless you are at the games, you won't see it on TV. He tends to wear his heart on his sleeve so Gib has to work him when he gets frustrated...

  10. primo123:

    Sham's value comes more from bringing up the ball, setting up and running the offense. keeping the bigs involved, getting the ball to his shooters. bringing a badass attitude with some major chips on his shoulder. we'd like him to shoot a better percentage, but winning cures all.

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