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The Calm Before the Storm

March 4th, 2014

Really hard to get too excited about the two remaining regular season games this week.  Yes, it would be nice to get 20 wins ( we will), beat a top three team in Santa Barbara ( we might), and go into the Tournament on a small winning streak, but frankly, not much riding on these last two games. Hawaii will finish 4th, and the only mystery is which of three teams will finish 5th ( Cal Poly, Northridge or Fullerton). Each of these teams have 6 wins and really tough games to end the season. In fact, they only play the top four teams in the Conference, so who knows.

Lots of folks playing the who would we rather meet in the Round One game. Ok, so lets all play. If we beat Fullerton on Saturday, do we want to play them four days later. We just beat them there. How about Northridge or Cal Poly. We beat them here and lost to them on the road. We should have won the game at Northridge and we lost pretty badly at Cal Poly, but that was a different Mustangs team then. My vote. Cal Poly. How about your vote?

The bigger question is if we get by Round One, can we beat one of the better teams? So far, we have a single win at Irvine on a last second miracle three which sent the game into Overtime. After we lost at Long Beach last week, they went into Fullerton and got smoked. None of the teams is unbeatable. On any given night, almost every team in the Conference is vulnerable. That's why whoever wins the Tournament will be a 14 seed at best, likley a 15.

Meanwhile, the Wahine continue their extraordinary season. They are fighting for a top 2 seed, although 3rd is likely. Laura Beeman for Coach of the Year? She gets my vote.

Nationally, 9 teams in the top 25 lost last weekend. Are there really clear favorites to win it all? Arizona is back on track, Florida continues to win , but the SEC is not a very strong Conference this year, Wichita State is undefeated ( yes a tremendous feat, but who have they beat?), and my Dukies and Tarheels are coming on. Watch out for Virgina, Kansas?, Villanova, or my favorite team, Creighton

We will previewing the Big West Tournament on Sunday before I leave to broadcast the men and women's games with Bobby on ESPN 1420. I hope we get to do more than two games ( total).

These are my musings, not those of the Regents

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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7 Responses to “The Calm Before the Storm”

  1. primo123:

    We got them right where we want them!!!

    Go Bows!

  2. primo123:

    I'd rather play Cal Poly. Then after that, bring on the big boys.

    I really enjoyed watching the men's team this year. Yeah, they beat some creampuffs, but at least they beat'm and showed us fans how basketball can be played when you have a real point guard.

    Go Bows!

  3. missing riley:

    Remember the Riley Wallace days when, in general, the mens basketball team was actually a GOOD mid major playing in a pretty decent-to-good conference?

  4. primo123:

    I remember those days of Riley......but then again, his early years wasn't anything to phone home about either.

    Riley developed a nice pipeline at the junior college level and brought in some nice playas.

  5. primo123:

    I remember those days of Riley......but then again, his early years wasn't anything to phone home about either.

    Riley developed a nice pipeline at the junior college level and brought in some nice playas.

    The current WAC isnt the same as well.

  6. hoosier:

    Riley days were underappreciated but his early years were not on fire either. But he would always bring in guards. I can remember Papa John handing out coupons if UH made "x" amount of threes in a game. Even the fair teams had people who could hit from the outside. From the G game to the flex motion, Riley's offense was always looking to get someone free for a three. Loved it! And I wonder if Gib could steal that inbound play from Riley under our basket where the four guys line up on the free throw line and then one steps behind the three man screen and hits a lttle jump shot? That would always work at least once every game. Would be funny to see that again. For now, though, looking to see this team finish strong. Two wins would be a great way to head for the tournament. Get that confidence up and then play all out for, hopefully, three more games.

  7. bowforlife:

    Actually the Wallace teams had early success. After taking over for Frank Arnold they went 4-25 the first year, but reached the NIT the very next year during the 1988-89 season and he was named WAC Coach of the Year. The 89-90 team then went on to win 25 games and win a couple of games in the NIT. In the 1993 - 1994 season they reached the NCAA Tournament for the first time in two decades. I'd say Riley's teams represented themselves well even before the AC & Alika reign or the back-to-back NCAA tourney appearances. Am I a Riley Wallace fan? You betcha!

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