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March 7th, 2014

Everybody is talking about last night's incident where a fan came out of the stands to confront Gib . Probably the most publicity UH baskeball has received in years. Gib had run onto the court to protest a call when the fan ran onto the court and tried to get in Gib's face. Standhardinger and Nevels pushed the fan away, and fortunately no punches were exchanged. Credit both Gib and the players for keeping their composure in what could have easily turned ugly. In my view, the fan needs to be severely disciplined. Perhaps a suspension from school, but certainly something more than an apology.

Fans rushing the court in college basketball has become a joke. Almost everytime a home team beats a higher ranked team, students rush the court. Its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. In arena sports, the fans are in close proximity to the court. Last night, the fan ran down from half way up the stands and i dont think i saw any barrier between the stands and the court so i not sure any security person could have stopped him. But after he ran all the way across the court, i didnt see any security either.

Lost in all this was another loss to one of the top three teams. Hawaii ends those games 1-5. Not good. And the one win was very improbable .Last nights final score was not indicative of how one- sided the game actually was. UH trailed all night by double digits. Once again, The Bows could not defend the three, and Issac was missing in action on the road. If UH has any chance of making noise in the Tournament, Issac needs to step up on the road and play like he plays at home.

Spearman had another poor game. His offense has been very streaky, and right now, its going in the wrong direction. One bright spot, potentially, was that Shamburger made 4-5 threes, although for one of the few times this year, he had more turnovers than assists. Nevels had one of his poorest performances going 1-10 from the field. As I have said many times in bhis blog, for UH to compete, it needs to get solid scoring from at least 2  players other than Fotu and Stardhardinger, who by the way had a good game with 18 points and 7 rebounds.

Long Beach lost again, so UH had a chance to move into third with a win. Didnt get it, so we now wait until tomorrow's games to see who UH will play in the 4-5 game. Northridge beat Long Beach and looks like they maybe the opponent. As i said before, that's the worst match-up for the Bows in my opinion. With a win tomorrow, Hawaii will get its 20th win to go against 10 losses. They will wind up 9-7 in the league. Just about where  folks had predicted, maybe slightly better based upon the coaches pre-season poll. I think many fans will wait until the Tournament to grade this year's team. A couple of wins, and i suspect most will be satisfied. A first round loss, and it will be different.

These are my views, not those of the Regents. Like to hear your views on the regular season. Are you satisfied?

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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9 Responses to “National Exposure”

  1. hoosier:

    Disappointing to get spanked like that. And for Gib to talk about the big turnaround under his tenure to the point of "contending for championships" is a stretch when you win one game against the top 3 teams in conference. That looks more like chasing fourth or fifth. My concern is wihether the team is playing their best ball now. What do others think? Is tis a pattern with Gib's teams?

  2. Lowtone123:

    I guess they are where they should be. Win against the teams below you and lose to the teams above you, right? Let's hope for a serious run in the BWC tourney.

  3. primo123:

    Inconsistant play by Fotu and the guards are hurting UH.

    Hopefully, but I doubt it, they can turn things around for the Big West Tourney.

    We need to get better from here on out. Hopefully, Gib's recruiting pipeline will produce some playas!

  4. Hank:

    A win tonight would be an end to 12 years of not having a 20-win regular season. I like were the program is going. Next year, we have three highly regarded newcomers with a solid nucleus returning.

    It's been a while since I could say that.

  5. azulie:

    changing subject- Jeff, READ THE PAPER. we only have one! 3/8/2014 bottom left column page c5. was driving home with wife and kids during tonight's game. your comments about circle of honor and yours and Bobby's banter are par for the course and an embarrassment. they (my family) said this is what you listen to? I changed the station. bye bye.

  6. Hank:

    Glad we're not facing CSF in the first round...they're playing good ball.


  7. K-Bay:

    True Dat...
    I'd Pick CSUF Over BWC perrennial power LBSU
    And for the BWC, That IS Saying A Lot

    Go 'Bows!
    'UGE (As Jeff Might Say) Pick for ALL Big West FIRST Team
    Hawai'i Sophomore ISAAC FOTU
    Congratulations, So Much Hard Work, Both...

  8. Seasider:

    If you’re not satisfied with how this season went or where the program are going with coach Arnold, then you’re definitely following the wrong team… LOL lots of PAC 10, Big East, Big Ten, ACC, and Big 12 games on the tubes.

    First 20 win season since coach Wallace team a 12 years ago—after that 20 win season, watching coach Wallace team was painful…and, then THREE years of coach Nash was more than painful.

    FOUR consecutive winning games on the road…and, those losses on the road went down the wire…even with poor perimeter shooting, and the opposing team shooting lights out; the BOWS took the game down to the wire.

    Bottom line, coach Arnold’s team, win or lose, are fun to watch. Can any of you, who are critical of Coach Arnold and the team, say the same about Coach Wallace last FOUR years and coach Nash THREE years at the helm.

    KEYs to winning the BWCC:

    High % perimeter game by Shamburger, Nevels, and Spearman will open up the middle for Fotu, Standhardinger, and quality PT off the bench by Rozitis, Quincy, and Valdes.

    Next year:

    Loss: Standhardinger, Spearman, and Rozittis
    Gain: Webster-Chan, Jankovich, and highly touted HS 3S combo guard Fleming. Both Webster-Chan and Jankovich were highly recruited coming out of HS.

  9. jeff portnoy:

    Azulie, i dont normally respond to critical comments, as i respect people's right to express their opinions, even ones that are not based upon facts. I dont know what you are referring too, but i can tell you that our comments about the Circle of Honor were respectful and admiring. I was pointing out all the plaques around the arena and at halftime we acknowledged all of this year's honorees. Sorry if you took offense and sorry you wont have to listen to us the rest of the season.

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