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This Year's Bracket Contest- Beat the " Expert"

March 18th, 2014

Ok all you folks out there. So you think you know more than this blogger about college basketball. This year i am going to give you a chance to prove it.

Here is how this year'sontest is going to work. I will give you my sweet 16, elite eight, final four, and champion. You will do the same. We will total the scores and if your total score beats mine, you win. What you win, besides bragging rights, will be determined shortly. 1 point for each sweet 16 correct pick, 2 points for each elite eight, 4 points for each final four, and 8 points for the national champ. Ties go to me( of course).

Here are my picks. Sweet 16-Fla;SF Austin;Syracuse;New Mexico;Virgina;Mich St;Iowa State; Villanova;Arizona;San Diego St;Baylor;Wisconsin;Wichita State;Lousiville;Duke; and Michigan.

Elite Eight. Fla;Syr;Virgina;Iowa St;Arz;Wis:Wich St; and Michigan

Final Four Fla; Virgina;Arzizona, and Wichita State I know, all number ones- not gonna happen, but i like the match-ups).

Champion  Arizona

Ok. Now all you Mich St and Louisville folks can jump on this.

Tonight ( Tuesday), Jackson and I will have our annual Bracket show on ESPN 1420.  We will also look back at the Men's season and will have Coach Beeman as one of our guests. Hope you can join us. 7 to 9 pm, two hours. WOW


Champion Arizona

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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13 Responses to “This Year's Bracket Contest- Beat the " Expert"”

  1. primo123:

    here we go.

    Sweet 16:

    Elite 8:

    Final 4:

    Champion: Florida

  2. primo123:

    oops....Sweet 16: MN = New Mexico.

  3. pumpkinraider:

    sweet 16: Florida/UCLA, Syracuse/New Mexico, Virginia/Michigan St, Iowa St/Villanova, Oklahoma St/San Diego St, Baylor/Wisconsin, Kentucky/Louisville, Duke/Michigan.

    Elite 8 Florida/Syracuse, Michigan St/ Iowa St, San Diego St/Wisconsin, Louisville/Duke.

    Final Four Florida/Michigan St, San Diego St/Louisville

    Final Michigan St/ Louisville

    Champion Michigan St

  4. hoosier:

    Final four: MSU, Florida, Louisville, Arizona

    Final: Florida/Arizona

    Champion: Arizona

  5. poorboy:

    Jeff, look forward to your show hoopstalk tonight. Congratulations to Laura Beeman and her girls on WNIT invite. Hope they do well!

    Having Laura as guest, she can talk hoops with the best. Very good young DI coach women side.
    What about interview with Gib Arnold? Know where he is? Is Gib out recruiting?
    Anyways, always enjoy you and Jackson's take on UH BB programs. Really good stuff!

  6. Matt:

    16: Fla, VCU, Cuse, NM, Vir, Mich St, Iowa St, St Joes, Zona, Okl, Bay, Wisc, Wich St, Ville, Duke, Mich
    8: Fla, Cuse, MSU, ISU, Zona, Wisc, Ville, Duke
    4: Fla, MSU, Zona, Ville
    1: MSU

  7. mondo:

    16: Fla, UCLA, Cuse, NM, Vir, Mich St, UNC, St Joes, Zona, SD St, Creig, BYU, Ken, Ville, Duke, Mich
    8: Fla, NM, MSU, UNC, Zona, Creig, Ken, Duke
    4: Fla, MSU, Zona, Ken
    1: MSU

  8. Brandon M:

    Sweet 16: Florida VS UCLA, Syracuse VS New Mexico, Virginia VS Michigan State, Iowa State VS Villanova, Arizona VS San Diego State, Baylor VS Wisconsin, Wichita State VS Louisville, Duke VS Michigan

    Elite 8: Florida VS New Mexico, Michigan State VS Iowa State, Arizona VS Wisconsin, Louisville VS Michigan

    Final 4: Florida VS Michigan State, Arizona VS Louisville

    National Championship: Florida VS Louisville

    Champion: Florida

  9. Curtis:

    Compared to the billion dollar contest much easier to "beat the expert". Here are my winning picks..... SWEET 16:...Florida, UCLA, Ohio State, Kansas ///.......Virginia, Mich. State, N.Carolina, Villanova ///............ Arizona, San Diego State, Creighton, Wisconsin ///...........Kentucky, Louisville, Duke ,Michigan ///..... My elite 8:........ Florida v. Kansas.....Virginia v.N.Carolina..... Arizona v. Creighton......Louisville v. Duke.........My final 4: Kansas, N.Carolina, Arizona, Duke. ....Championship game Kansas v. Duke. Champions: Kansas. Good luck to all. Aloha.

  10. Colt fan:

    Sweet 16: Fla, Ucla, Syr, Kan, Vir, Mich St, Iowa St, Vill, Ari, SDS, Creig, Wis, Witch St, Louis, Duke, Mich

    Elite 8: Fla, Kan, Vir, Isu, Ari, Creig, Witch St, Duke

    Final 4: Fla, Vir, Creig, Duke

    Final: Fla, Duke

    Champion: Florida

  11. Andrew:

    sweet 16: Florida, UCLA, Syracuse, New Mexico, Virginia, Michigan State, Iowa State,St Joseph, Arizona, San Diego State, Creighton, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, Michigan

    Elite 8: Florida, New Mexico, Michigan State, Iowa State, Arizona, Creighton, Louisville, Michigan

    Final Four: Florida, Iowa State, Arizona, Michigan

    Final: Florida, Michigan

    Champion: Florida

  12. Kawika:

    Sweet 16:
    Florida, UCLA, Dayton, New Mexico, Virginia, Michigan State, Iowa State, Villanova, Arizona, San Diego State, Creighton, Wisconsin, Wichita State, Louisville, Duke, Michigan

    Elite 8:
    Florida, New Mexico, Michigan State, Iowa State, Arizona, Wisconsin, Louisville, Duke

    Final 4:
    Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Louisville

    Champion: Michigan State

  13. K-Bay:

    Sorry... Missed Live Show...
    Request a Highlights Re-Cap...

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