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Onto Dallas

March 31st, 2014

Ok, who had UConn and Kentucky in the Final Four? Not me, and I guess not anyone else. What a weekend of basketball. Louisville , Arizona, and Mich St. all going home. UConn, a 7 seed, and kentucky, an 8 seed, on their way to big D.

I had picked 4 number ones to make it. I knew that was not likley, but i never thought only Fla would survive. A basket here, a basket there, and Virgina and Arizona might have made it.

UConn is there because it has two great guards. Sounds like two years ago before they got put on probation for recruiting violations. Kentucky was the pre-season number one, played bad basketball until two weeks ago, and now looks like it may win it all. I like Fla over UConn and Kentucky over Wisconsin, and in a game few will care about, unless you are an SEC junkie, I still think Fla will win it all.

I will be in Dallas to cover the games Saturday for the blog.  Should be something to watch what should be two great games in a lousy basketball venue, the 100,000 seat Cowboy Stadium. Hopefully, my press pass will allow me to see the games without watching them on the screen. There is no need to play these games in football stadiums. I know there are lots of fans and corporate types who  want to see the games, but they should be played in basketball arenas like Madison Square Garden or the Carrier Dome. At least next year it will be back in Indy, and that Stadium is not too bad.

At UH, the NCAA has come and gone. My guess is that there will be some nervous folks around the athletic office until that investigation is complete and the NCAA informs UH what, if anything, it intends to do. Lets hope they decide that the internal sanctions imposed by UH are sufficient.

Meanwhile, recruiting is underway and the next few weeks are critical to next year's success. The top teams in the Big West have lots of solid players returning and teams like Fullerton have signed a full compliment of new players. Hoopstalk will look at how recruiting is going starting next week

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “Onto Dallas”

  1. primo123:

    I picked Florida and Wisconsin. Florida to win it all.

    Sitting with 50 points right now.

    Go Gators!

  2. primo123:

    Getting hungry for that tacos and diet soda!!

  3. LJ:

    So counselor Portnoy, does Akana get his job back ? or is he dismissed?

  4. WahiawaSteve:

    My final 4 picks were Florida, Michigan St., Creighton and Kentucky. Almost had 3 out 4. I picked Kentucky to win it all. Go CATS!

  5. jeff portnoy:

    The Akana issue has been dealt with by the University ( 30 day suspension) and any further discipline is unkown at this time. Probably will be directly related to any additonal penalities, if any, meted out by NCAA. He currently has his job as far as i know. For the record, these are my personal views, not in any role as a Regent.

  6. Otto:

    Carrier Dome is a football dome. If I remember correctly for basketball they drape a curtain across half to cut down the size and bring in movable bleachers along that side.

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