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April 5th, 2014

after a one hour trip from the media hotel in traffic that rivaled the pro bowl, in rainy weather, i have arrived inside ATT Stadium. It is a marvel. Its the biggest indoor stadium i have been in with the massive video screen we have all seen on TV. But i cant begin to describe how far away most fans are from the court.  I am in one of the " floor" media sections and i am at least 40 yards away from the endline. The media hotel is at least 20 miles from the Stadium. There is really very little Final Four activity at the Stadium wth most events in Downtown Dallas. If you ask me, neither the location nor the Stadium is conducive for the Final Four. My best estimate is some fans are a football field away both in distance and in height. There are 8 levels that i can see.

But you know you are in the Dallas area when parking in the premium lots range from 250 to 500 dollars. that's right. And outside in restaurant and shopping lots, the price ranges from 50 to 80 dollars.

If you are a Cowboy fan, and who is anymore unless you live in Dallas, the Stadium has the names of Cowboy greats around the Stadium with room with plenty more. Its almost game time and the place is fully full. My guess is there will be more than 80,000 folks in here by tip-off.

Sittting next to the reporter for the Las Vegas Review -Journal who worked with our Paul Arnett back in the day and two seats over is the guy from the New York Daily News so although the seat is not great, the Star Advertiser is in one of the better media sections.

The game is almost ready to begin after the usual pre-game festivities. i will blog again after game is completed. I still like UConn to cover what is now a 7 point spread, but i dont think Florida will be beat. Although you have to love the UConn guards,the Gators are just too strong at all five positions.

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