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Aloha Shamburger

April 15th, 2014

The word is out. Keith Shamburger is one and done. Not one and done for the NBA. One and done for who knows what reasons. Only he and Arnold know ( not sure if evn Gib knows). He says he will try to graduate this summer and then have one year to play somewhere else. Would you want him?

If you read this column regularly, you know I had my criticisms of Shamburger. I though he had way too much attitude and not enough skill. He shot poorly almost all season, but on the plus side, he ran the offensive efficiently. Frankly, there were no other guards on the squad who could run the point, especially in half court situations. But the incident after the Long Beach game, his wearing headphones during pregame warm-ups, his sullen appearance on the bench, etc etc, made it clear to me he had significant attitude issues

Will he be missed? Some of you thought he was the savior at the point and would really come on next year. Some of you blogged that i was too tough on his inability to score from three point range . Some now say his decsion to leave coming on the heels of the news that UH has a committment from Roderick Bobbitt, a 6-3 combo guard, is not a coincidence. I seriously doubt that was the reason. You would hope he would believe that as the incumbent starting point guard, the position was his to lose next season.

But you have to be in denial to say his leaving is not a significant loss to the program. At least on the court it is. You dont transfer from a starting position at one school, sit out a year, start for another school, and then leave early unless something is going on. Some will point to this as another example of what has been a revolving door of players coming and going in the past three years. But this time, the player leaving was a starter so it wasnt a lack of playing time that did it.  And frankly, can he really believe some school will be that desperate for a late summer need for a point guard ?  I guess some team in a  league ranked even lower than the Big West might make the offer.

This departure will cause much speculation and discussion about the program. And it leaves the Bows with only two starters returning. The one spot you would have thought UH didnt need to fill was at the point. Lets hope Issac doesnt get an offer he cant refuse.

Yes these are my personal thoughts. Yours?

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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18 Responses to “Aloha Shamburger”

  1. Derek:

    According to one of the blogger on the insider, it seems that Shamburger said or twittered that he can't trust a coach. As to what coach I don't know. He also said he will always like Hawaii. It's too bad he's leaving. You would think that this coming year he would improve his play. He handled the ball well, his assist to turnover ratio was good, free throw shooting was right at the top in the conference, and only his 3 pt shooting percentage was not as good as hoped. He wasn't the type of player like Ryan Boatright or Napier who could create his own shot. Overall, he was pretty good. As for his attitude, etc. I can't say because I don't know what happened.

  2. Old Timer:

    If the AD sees fit to do an "exit interview" and Shamburger agrees, I'd love to be a fly on the wall, wouldn't you?

  3. al:

    i agree with you counselor...100%.

    add 1. he either was not confident in his ability to penetrate the paint or was unable to. however the case, it made for a stagnate half court offense. i felt smith was better on the dribble drive, but he too had his shortcomings shooting the rock.

    enter bobitt.
    and here's hoping that fleming comes in able to compete for meaningful pt.

    we lose three starters, but, i like our prospects with negus, jankovic and bobitt to reload. who knows gib could come home with another gem.

  4. Hoosier:

    I do not understand the uproar over Shamburger's decision. Good ball handler, free throw shooter, but many times could not throw it in the ocean. Which is all right if he is dishing the ball and playing tough defense. I was hoping he would work on his game and come back improved next year but I guess it was not working out for him.

    Negus and others coming back should be all right. I think UH will survive the departure. Not ideal but not a huge obstacle either.

  5. Curtis:

    Another great show tonight. Enjoy the break. So if Isaac Fotu turns pro, UH will really be green. Coach Wheeler start warming up in the bullpen. P.S.- How many early exits? Shaquille Stokes, Vander, Shamburger and many others? I guess, it may the new norm with the modern athlete and the one and done. Aloha.

  6. Aaron:

    left early:
    (did jefferson leave early?)

    throw in the two investigations, early exits from the BWC Tourney and CIT and it has been a strange 4 years... and we are renewing this guy?

  7. jonj:

    6 aaron. Maybe we should fire him like mack and hire another norm!

  8. jeezy33:

    Not that difficult Jeff.... Hawaii in the past only upgraded weaknesses. Now Hawaii upgraded a position that was average... Keith saw the writing on the wall and made a decision that will suit him best. Gib knows he needed an upgrade at PG if he wants to make it to the NIT or NCAA. A PG that can defend, press, and score in crunch time. Keith ran the offense, but couldn't create in crunch time or hit the big shot consistently. He was a below average defender.

    Bobbitt brings in a guard who can score, and still get 5 assists a game. A guard that is capable of putting big time pressure on opposing guards like Mike Caffey. And lastly, when the offense is going through a funk, he gives us a guy that can penetrate and get to the rim while creating contact. Even if he misses a lay up, it creates offensive rebound opportunities for Fotu.

  9. al:

    fotu declared he will return to his team.

    aaron, look at that list they all led the team in pouting.

  10. Derek:

    #6 also leaving early.
    Clair and that 6-7
    European G/SF who's name escapes me right now. Clair transferred to Seattle Univ. and he red-shirted his first year there per NCAA rules.

  11. al:

    another pouter...he just didn't man up

  12. aaron:

    so the fact that we have at least 1 "pouter" leave the team every year has everything to do with the players and nothing to do with the coach? please. We had guys leave early for non-professional reasons during the RW years (Sir McBride, Shane Willis, Chad Hook, Greg Miller, to name a few...) but rarely were they ever major contributors. I just can't wrap my head around this list of transfers and the circumstances:

    -Starting pg transfers from SJSU, sits a whole season, then transfers out after one season with 2 years of eligibiilty left?
    -Starting center and pro prospect walks off the court during a game and never returns?
    -Part-time starting SF known for his hustle and work ethic refuses to enter a game, is suspended, and then returns to the lineup because he's too important, and then transfers?
    -Freshman sharp-shooter gets major minutes in his first season of college ball and then transers?

    You can rationalize these things all you want, but it's really hard to say that anyone other than Fotu and Rozitis would "run through a wall" for Gib. I don't like being a fan of this kind of program. There's more than enough smoke here to think that there might be a fire brewing behind the scenes.

  13. aaron:

    I forgot to include Milos in the list of RW guys who left because they were unhappy with playing time (which sucked because Ahmet Gueye got hurt shortly after and they were very thin on bigs for the rest of the season)

  14. Hoosier:

    I am concerned about the number of transfers out each and every year but, please, let's not make it out as if we were losing all conference performers. First of all, Shamburger had one year left to play, not two, and was not exactly what people expected. Pro prospect center? Who was that? You must mean Vander. Where is he playing pro ball now? And you are concerned with Wiseman transferring??!! Nice hustler, agreed, but c'mon. And who was the freshman sharp shooter? Stokes? Wow, sure wish we had him back. By the way, where is he now? Do I have some issues with Gib and his staff? Absolutely. But these are some pretty weak examples of coaching issues. Standhardinger had good things to say about Gib and Spearman didn't have any issues with him. Talk about two hard working, hustling players! There is no fire other than the one that is always simmering and that is winnging the conference we are in. Don't worry. If there isn't a BWC crown soon you won't have to worry about not being a fan of "Gib's kind of program". But I bet if the winning comes you will be on your feet and loving it. That's just how it goes.

  15. jeff portnoy:

    great discussion. Thanks to all who weighed in. Hoopstalk will be taking a short break while we wait for recruiting and transfer information ( not saying there will be anymore, just saying). Its been fun as always. I appreciate all of you who weighed in this year, including those who criticized my opinions, spelling, etc. The radio show is done as far as weekly shows, but Jackson and I will have one or two " special" shows in May and June so stay tuned. Meanwhile, good luck to Gib and the staff in finding another PG, Center, etc. And if we hear anyhting about the NCAA investigation, you can expect a Hoopstalk to follow, one way or another. Hope it proves to be a tempest in a teapot, but with the NCAA snooping around, you never know.

  16. jeff portnoy:

    Oh oh, that's" anything" in the fourth line from the bottom. Darn spellcheck.

  17. al:

    thanks hoosier.

    sham had two years at sjsu then transferred out to hawaii, redshirted the mandatory year. became the starter this year. got suspended a half. never was a rah rah guy amongst his teammates. who by the way not one is crying foul. pouted most of the time.

    joachim...big head syndrome took over his character. what kind of guy walks off the court in the middle of a game? would you go to war with him? he was only concerned with his stats his last year hear. but a very selfish player.

    wiseman...was not that. he struggled in the classroom twice had to stay home to complete work. sulked. he forgot too that only gibber gave him a d1 offer after wiseman's disruptive behavior with his teammates in hs.

    if its bo barnes you speak of, yah, he was a really nice kid. spoke with him and his parents on several occasions at services on a sunday morning. he left because he just was homesick. that was all.

  18. Rob t:

    I believe wiseman refused to go into the game 1 time, having a hissyfit on not being put in earlier

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