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On Wisconsin

April 4th, 2015

There won't be a 39-0 team this year. Wisconsin has slain the monster.

Kentucky, after taking a 4 point lead late, went into a stall which led to three consecutive 35 second violations. And then Wisconsin's poise, senior leadership and free throw shooting was all she wrote. What a game and what an upset to some, but not to me.

I told you Kentucky could be beat by a smart, disciplined team, and it happened. Notre Dame exposed this Kentucky team. And how. What a scene right now in the Stadium.

Frank Kaminsky showed why he is the National Player of the Year, and Decker proved a worthy colleague. This Wisconsin team is all you can want in a college basketball team. And a Duke-Wisconsin final has the two best teams playing. Two number 1's for the first time in 7 years.


Duke has already  beaten Wisconsin earlier this year.  Both of these teams are playing great basketball. And I wont have to listen to the legion of Wildcat fans who as I write are getting in their cars to drive back to Kentucky.

Four Badgers in double figures. Clutch free throw shooting. and a very questionable strategy by the Coach of the Year means there will once again not be an undefeated team in College basketball. Its fitting that in Indianapolis, The last undefeated team ( Indiana) sees its record survive. What a game.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “On Wisconsin”

  1. Jjay:

    What's the latest on coaching interviews regent Portnoy?

  2. jeff:

    There WILL be a 40-0 team??

  3. Jeff:

    search is moving along nicely. David Matlin is working hard . If all goes well, I would expect that the process could be completed by the end of next week. But you never know. I am not part of the process. Its David, his committee, and the ultimately the Chancellor who will make the decision. Whoever is the final choice is someone I will personally support as this program ultimately moves beyond the NCAA probe. All UH basketball fans should do the same. By the way, I write this blog , not as a Regent, but as someone associated with UH basketball for over 40 years.

  4. $:

    If the Kentucky fans go home, what happens to all their tickets for Mondays championship game?

  5. HawaiiMongoose:

    Duke won't get the layups against Wisconsin that it got against Michigan State. It should be a great final.

  6. environmental_lady:

    They forfeit those tickets. I know from experience back in 1984 when Cal Poly women's volleyball was upset by Fresno in the regional semifinal at Cal Poly. At the time Cal Poly had a #1 ranking in the nation under Mike Wilton, our former coach. On the following day several Cal Poly fans who didn't want to watch the regional final between Fresno and San Jose tried to sell me their tickets. I said that I already had tickets and I was going to watch that match nonetheless because I wanted revenge against Fresno and I got what I wanted. If anything, those disappointed Kentucky fans should have stayed and rooted for the Blue Devils to get revenge on the Badgers.

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