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It's Duke

April 6th, 2015

Boy I am glad my heart won out over my brain. Down eight midway thru the second half,  the Devils showed grit and no freshman jitters as they pulled away down the stretch to capture Coach's K 5th Championship. Is there any doubt that he is the greatest coach since Wooden. There really cant be.

This is a team that starts 3 freshmen and has only 8 players. They beat a veteran Wisconsin team that looked like they would win the first basketball National Championship since 1941. It was not to be. Time for me to join my fellow Dukies and celebrate. It will be a long nite with an early morning flight back ahead of me.

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Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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6 Responses to “It's Duke”

  1. Chicken Grease:

    Loved Duke this season . . . quiet . . . ended up gettin' it done like an efficient assassin. Not loud and overproud like a Kentucky and some of these others. And MSU, being ho'omeamea all year long.

    Too bad for Syracuse. There should be a penalization tournament run by, oh, I dunno, Comedy Central for teams that get in trouble. They can have a 'tourney to play in. I mean, think about it, start with, I dunno . . . hey, might be an automatic final four, ha ha!

    Let's go Duke! Hooray for Duke, your 2015 NCAA men's div 1-A b-ball champains.

    The end.

  2. islandman:

    Lucky for Okafor, he had his teammates who came through. He wasn't that much of a factor in the game.

  3. $:

    Opinion on Jackson Wheeler hating Benji?

  4. Moanalua96819:

    Jeff, I don't call in to the sports shows or post in any blogs but the reaction to Eran's hire and support for Benjy has been interesting at first and then irritating. I was initially in favor of hiring Benji, but Eran is a much better selection. He's a winner, with Hawaii ties, who really wants to be here. St. Mary's been in the NCAAs or NITs every year he was there. UH's been to the CIT. In Gib's opinion, UH was supposed to dominate the BWC after moving from the WAC, that hasn't happened.

    So much negativity in the blogs and local sports talk radio. Benjy has a cult of fan boys, such as regular caller Jeff, who was on the verge of tears when he called in to the Sports Animals yesterday. The same fans would be screaming for the Chancellors head if he hired Benjy if last year didn't happen. Benjy's head coaching record, according to Wikipedia, was 67 wins, 99 losses. UH's record from 2010-2014 when Benjy was assistant was 72 wins, 55 losses. St. Mary's was 103 and 34 in a tougher conference.

    I would have had at least 3 concerns if UH had hired Benjy:
    1. There were times when the team was undisciplined on court and off the courts. They had an excessive number of technicals, especially Isaac Flemings. Benjy never made corrections and also appeared to encourage bad behavior with a pat on the head.

    2. Benjy's fans point out that he ran an attacking offense and defense, a total change from Gib. It took everyone, including me, by surprise and it was exciting. They also stress that he was cleared in the NCAA investigation. In my opinion, this means that Gib kept him totally out of the loop on and off the court. Why?

    3. Benjy was in charge of non conference scheduling, which has been week during Gib's tenure. I also don't know about his recruiting skills. Did he bring in anyone else besides Flemings? Austin Pope decommits on April 7, the same day that Benjy learned that he wasn't going to be the coach. Pope could have seen it on social media, but can't be a coincidence. Did one of his friends on the team or Benjy talk to him?

    You don't have a lot of posters here, but you and especially Jackson sure have a lot of haters out there. At least people are listening.

  5. Jeff:

    I am sorry about the haters. That's life. I don't see any value into getting into a debate with those whose opinions are based on rumor and misinformation. My only concerns are what's best for the University and the program. I wish benji well. I also think Eran is a great choice. Its easy to be critical when you don't identify yourself. I would be happy to have a conversation with anyone who is willing to come forward and talk civilly. Moanalua, I appreciate your reasoned and well thought comments. And $, I cant speak for Jackson, but its totally unfair for anyone to say that Jackson " hates" Benji. If sometimes having an opinion that not everyone agrees with makes you a hater, that's sad. If folks are looking to blame someone for Benji not getting the permanent job, then blame the folks who made the decision, the incoming AD and the Chancellor. But I can tell you they worked hard to try to make the right choice for the Program. Benji was one of several good candidates. Eran was the choice. Now we all need to get behind Eran and the players and make sure the program moves forward, both on and off the court. A disclaimer. Eran is and has been my friend since he coached here. I guess folks will use that against me going forward. Oh well.

  6. Moanalua96819:

    Jeff, I enjoy listening to you and Jackson, you always try to be fair and balanced (sounds like a Fox News commercial, sorry). Would you be able to have Mathias or some other techie at KKEA create a podcast for your show? I'm not always able to listen to when you on the air.

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